7 Best Men’s Fanny Packs 2019

7 Best Men’s Fanny Packs 2019

They say history repeats itself. In this moment, I believe the statement is truer for fashion than for anything else. As an annual tradition, I delve into my parents’ attic at this time of the year to reorganize a few things and dig out treasures that I can incorporate into my life. More often than not, I turn up with more than a couple of items that I use as is, or craft and style them in a way that they would be chic in modern times. Not only does it save me huge bucks and keep me looking fresh, it also brings me closer to my family and leaves me intrigued as to the similarities and differences between my youth and my parents’.

As I prepared myself for the challenge this time around, I had a good feeling about the entire thing. Seeing as how vintage clothing is so in style, my instinct said that I was really going to find something worthwhile. Sure enough, the hunt lead to a recovery of one of the most controversial accessories in the 90’s fashion world – the fanny pack.

Yes, the fanny pack is back in style – and with a huge bang! First creeping into street style in 2016, the very practical contraption was soon taken up by the larger public. As the high end fashion stores joined the league, modern redesigns began showing up everywhere. Let us discuss the most popular designs for men’s fanny pack available in the market today.

1.    Travel Fanny Pack

If you are planning a trip around Europe, this is the fanny pack of choice. Manufactured with tough, weather resistant material, this casual travel fanny bag will ensure that your passport, money, and hotel keys stay safe as you make your way from city to city!

2.    Running Fanny pack


People who like to stay active, work out, or go on jogs always have a common problem – their stuff just will not stay in their pockets! Not anymore, though. With the running waist pack, you will never lose your headphones or crack your iPhone screen ever again!

3.    Plus Size Fanny Pack

So, you like a wee bit more room than normal. Sometimes, we all have more baggage than our little fanny pack can hold. If you are in such a situation then do not worry. The plus size fanny pack is the answer to your problems! With multiple compartments and a generous capacity, this fanny pack will fit in more than just your phone and keys. Stash in your laptop, iPad, books, wallet, and whatever else that you need to carry with you! The plus size fanny pack can be worn across your body in the front or like a messenger bag.

4.    Thigh Fanny Pack

For people who find wearing fanny packs around the waist cumbersome, the men’s thigh fanny pack is the answer. Strap your belongings on your thigh to keep them out of the way when biking or hiking.

5.    Tactical Fanny Pack

Another great option to go for when being active outdoors is the tactical fanny pack. With multiple compartments to secure all of your personal items, this fanny pack is as stylish as it is practical.

6.    Leather Fanny Pack

Ah, who can say no to leather?! This classic leather fanny pack is a favourite with all fanny pack enthusiasts. The leather fanny pack adds tonnes to your personality while making a bold fashion statement.

7.    Money Belt


When you are out and about, and carrying money, you need a safe way to stash it away. The private money belt is great for travelling, trips to the bank, and to the market – keeping your cash safe and secure.


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