What does it take to be a real filmmaker? There are a lot of people out there who work in the film business and it seems that each of them have a different answer to that question. Art directors feel that if you want to be in movies you should come from an art background. Costumers think the only path is through being a costume designer. Camera people, of course, think their way is the best and, well, you get the point – everyone is coming from a unique point of view and logically they each think their way is the best.

Some filmmakers have experienced the whole spectrum of jobs in the movie world, from miscellaneous crew member to writer, producer and director. These are the people who seem to know what it really takes to be a filmmaker. Nigina Niyazmatova has done just about every job there is on films, commercials and music videos and her contributions to each of the films she has worked on have been very substantial. She thinks one must have passion for making films in order to become a true filmmaker.


Nigina has a great deal of energy and she’s also full of an enormous amount of artistic talent with an unstoppable drive to create. And lucky for us, because we are such a visual culture, that she creates films for us not only to watch but to experience. She’s worked on quite a few since she moved to Los Angeles from Moscow and she is a filmmaker who knows what it takes to get a film completed and is always willing to pitch in to contribute to the success of the project no matter what she has to do.

A few of the numerous projects she’s either written, directed or produced are: Break-Up Nightmare, Little Red Rotting Hood, Redux, Love. Secured, The Last Conversation, Chypre and Walk of Light. Love. Secured, by the way, was written, directed and produced by Nigina and it was invited to the Cannes Film Festival’s Film Corner. Not many people can say their film went to Cannes.

Nigina has worked with a lot of other talented Hollywood filmmakers too, including famous film actor Eric Roberts. She has her hand in a lot of projects right now and her first feature-length script is in pre-production and is based on a true story from World War 2.

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