A Mother’s Day Gift That Will Be Cherished For a Lifetime

A Mother’s Day Gift That Will Be Cherished For a Lifetime

Mother’s Day is only two weeks away and if you are a procrastinator, chances are you have not even thought about what gift to get your mom. Mothers are synonymous with unconditional love and understanding, but we have all taken that for granted way too many times. This Mother’s Day, do not just give your mom a kiss or send her an Edible Arrangements. Show your mom how much you truly appreciate her with some timeless and classic pieces from Lavanya Coodly’s luxurious women’s wear collection.

Lavanya Coodly’s Bohemian inspired designs are perfectly suited for any occasion you decide to surprise your mom with this year. If you really want your mom to feel like the gorgeous queen she is, then choose from many of the artfully, hand embellished evening gowns. Each evening gown is carefully hand embellished from a technique adopted from ancient traditions to produce a unique piece to make any woman feel beautiful. The precise cut and pristine detail to tailoring makes Lavanya Coodly’s designs flattering for any body type. All of Lavanya Coodly’s garments are made from the purest cotton and silk cotton blends, so your mom will not only look sophisticated, but also feel elegant and carefree.

Lavanya Coodly

If soft silky tunics and billowy dresses are not your mom’s style, do not worry because Lavanya Coodly’s collection also features high quality and insanely soft pajamas with unique prints. Your mom deserves to have her beauty sleep. Return to your mom her lost hours of sleep with a 100% cotton pajama set with a charming and sophisticated print to make her feel like she is sleeping on a pile of soft clouds. Then wake her up to a breakfast in bed to really put the icing on the cake.

With a Lavanya Coodly piece, you are gifting to your mother a tangible gift as a materialized token of your appreciation. With the specially handcrafted garment from the beautiful collection that you decide to present to your mom, you are returning to her the same feeling of love that she has wholeheartedly given to you. Give your mother a magnificent piece from Lavanya Coodly’s collection this Mother’s Day that will always remind her of how much she means to you every time she opens her closet. To shop the collection, visit- www.LavanyaCoodly.com


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