Jean Charles Rousseau: A Daredevil  Among Hollywood Elites.

Jean Charles Rousseau: A Daredevil Among Hollywood Elites.

Jean Charles Rousseau

Few actors can claim they have worked with Hollywood’s biggest actors and it’s most celebrated directors. But, Jean Charles Rousseau has turned his childhood Hollywood dreams into reality.

Jean has starred in Hollywood blockbusters: Jason Bourne, starring Jeremy Renner, 007 Spectre, starring Daniel Craig, and Fast and Furious 6, Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron. He was featured as a stunt double for Paul Walker in Fast & the Furious 6 and for Scott Eastwood in Overdrive. He is currently wrapping production in Mission Impossible 6, and starring Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill.

Jean’s craft was enhanced working with directors Paul Greengrass, Sam Mendes, Christopher McQuarrie and Justin Lin.

As a coveted stuntman in the industry, Jean’s biggest role was in the Scott Eastwood film, Overdrive. In the film’s opening sequence, Jean doubled as Scott Eastwood’s character. The scene called for Jean to be suspended by his ankle with a rope, fall onto the edge of a roof and surf onto a truck.

Jean, a fan of James Bond since he was a young boy, was cast as a stuntman in the film, Spectre, directed by Sam Mendes.

“I was so happy to have Daniel Craig knock me down and slam a door in my face.”

Jean’s fighting performances and stunt skill set is the result of nearly two decades of studies, training and experience. Jean has trained in judo and boxing, BMX racing, wake-boarding, skydiving, motocross and rollerskating, parkour, and martial arts: wing chin, American Kenpo, and fencing. He is sought after by the best directors and producers in the industry. Watch for his next performance in Mission Impossible 6.

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