Want to know if your gal is cheating? Amor Armour, Fish Taco Star, teaches you the easy way to know. It involves a “sniff test” as coined by the Los Angeles artist.


Armour claims he discovered the sniff test while he was engaged to his now ex fiance. He claims, “I was a virgin and knew nothing about sex. I watched how-to videos to please her and eventually worked up the courage to try it with her.” What Armour didn’t know at the time was, his fiance cheated on him with his childhood best-friend.

“I kissed my way down from her forehead to her private area and when I got there, it completely smelled like bad Salmon. I threw up and she ran to the bathroom and called her grandma.” Armour assumed all Vaginas were supposed to smell like fish. His then fiance exited the bachelor pad immediately. Later on, Armour spoke to a close friend (medical practitioner) and learned the smell was from a venereal disease. This was all allegedly claimed by Armour as he spoke at an exclusively paid conference for recently elite divorced men seeking to enter the dating world again. His piece allegedly was titled “Signs to Know She’s Infected.” On his Instagram, the star made the slogan, “If it smells like fish, you must not hit.”

Medical professionals such as, Planned Parent Hood agree. Claiming Trichomoniasis (Trich for short), a sexually transmitted parasite is the cause of the fish smell. Armour clearly has his opinion which inspired his viral video “Fish Taco” and highly anticipated film “Fish Taco” soon to be released. Is he making an accurate point? These are things for you to try out.

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