Is It Possible To Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

Women do not satisfy with what they have. It is a common punchline we usually hear it may be regarding their outfit, figure or something. This article too deals with the same punchline women do not satisfy with their breast sizes too.

Many women do not have a normal breast size that is their breasts are small may be due to genetic reasons or maybe hormonal changes. However, many women do have a good breast size but still, they prefer enlarging them in order to enhance their physical attractiveness to satisfy themselves as well as to show off. Yeah really!

Why breast enlargement?

Hormonal imbalance: However, breasts enlarge on their own at the time of puberty when a female undergoes body changes and transforms herself. But, sometimes due to hormonal imbalances or something, the breast enlargement is not the way it should be. Therefore, artificial breast enlargement techniques are preferred in such cases.

Enhance beauty: To enhance beauty and attractiveness many women prefer breast enlargement.

Recreation after cancer: Many women that undergo therapy or undergo operations due to breast cancer often referred to mastectomy i.e. removal of one or both breast in such cases women may go for breast enlarging techniques.

In case of hyperactive metabolism: In cases where women have a hyperactive metabolism that is, they shed a lot of fat after doing only a little amount of work.

Therefore, they also have small breasts, as breasts are a mere collection of fats and mammary glands. Therefore, such women may prefer breast enlargement techniques.

How to enhance breast size naturally?

Let us now have a look that how women can increase their breast size without indulging into unnatural/artificial techniques such as using syringes or pills.

Using padded bras: Padded bras are in such a way that they make breast size large as they use padding that covers the breast in a proper manner, provide support, and make it look bulging.

Eating fat-containing food: Girls who are skinny and can manage to gain a good amount of fat may opt for this. As breasts are a collection of fats. So eating fatty foods such as cheese, ghee will help in enlargement of breast in a natural way.

Eating food that increases estrogen: Eating food that enhances the amount of estrogen in female’s body. Estrogen that is a hormone responsible for developing female sex hormones helps in enlarging breasts of females having underdeveloped breasts. Food containing estrogen are cashews, peaches etc.

Wearing accurate size bra: If a female wears, a very tight bra it will squeeze her breast making it look smaller and if she prefers wearing, a loose bra then it will make her breast hang which again will look small. Therefore, she should prefer a perfectly fitting bra. In addition, she should tuck her in a proper way not too tight not too loose.

Perfect posture and moves: Girls/ ladies with small breast should walk and stay in perfect posture i.e. if they walk proudly with spine straight then simultaneously their breast will look large if they will move in a lousy manner with bad posture naturally their breast will also hang and will look even smaller.

Doing exercises: If someone is eating a good amount of cheesy and fatty food to enlarge her breast then she should also do enough exercise as this will help her maintain her fat, make her area under breast or abs strong which will enhance its beauty as well help her maintain her weight. Exercise may include walking, push-ups etc.

Using the right products: There are several bust firming & enhancing creams on the market. But you have to be aware which one is completely natural and has 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t damage on the long run.


Things to avoid for breast enhancement:

Girls who are crazy to enhance breast apply creams and all on their breast but they may result into adverse effects. Therefore, here are some things that a girl/ female should avoid:

Avoid using syringes many times in advertisements they show that apply one syringe of this or that medicine on your breast and feel the change in your breast in a week or two. Kindly avoid those.

Avoid taking contraceptive pills only 1-2% are the cases in which they were effective else, they cause adverse effects.

Avoid doing too much exercise in a day as things take time do not do too much exercise in excitement in only one day that you are not able to move the next day.


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