Turn your daily activities into workouts with AGOGIE resistance Training Pants

Turn your daily activities into workouts with AGOGIE resistance Training Pants

In the current era we got everything one can desire. We got plenty of products to fulfill our needs and desires. Online shopping and telecommunication has made our access to the world outside easy and within one touch. But yet we are missing something. That’s time. We don’t have time to take care of ourselves, we don’t have proper time for workout and to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Even if we have plans for workout we can’t go to gym straight from our work as we have to change into some sports or workout outfit and we can’t put on such clothes on work( Same was the issue with me).

So I searched for some solution and luckily came across AGOGIE resistance Training Pants. The idea itself is great. These pants can be worn in routine, you can go ahead with your daily work and let the pants do it’s job. These pants are specially designs in such way that your each bend, walk or any other routine activity will benefit you. Their is rubber resistance bands stitched inside, that makes AGOGIE turns your daily activities into workouts.

The product has been appreciated and approved by big sports brands and athletes. They have tested it and found it to be very useful. With it’s simple design it doesn’t look like a workout or sports pants. Even if you are reluctant to wear it in your office you can wear it underneath your normal pants. With breathable, moisture-wicking fabric you wont have any issues with it.

You must be thinking how this pant will benefit you?  That’s pretty simple, with 8 resistance bands stitched inside, AGOGIE adds constant tension to every movement, quickly warming your muscles and challenging you in new ways no matter where you are and what you are doing, the pants will keep on getting you back into shape.

You can get more clear idea of the product from the video below

The waistband of the pants will anchor the resistance at your hips, Also stirrups under your feet to stretch the resistance over your legs. All that will help in adding gravity to every motion rather than adding weight. In short useful is a word very small for this product. You will love it once you will get one.

That’s one of the most exciting projects I recently came across and we should backup such projects. For further information and for backing up you can  visit this page

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