How to Recover from a Fitness Injury Quickly

Believe it or not, being active is very beneficial for both your mental health and your physical health. If you feel as though you have overdone it lately then there are things that you can do to try and turn things around. If you want to put an end to your pulled muscles, aches and sprains then this guide will help you to make the best decisions overall.

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Sustaining an Injury

If you have sustained an injury then the first thing that you should be asking yourself is if there was a certain incident or a moment when it happened. If you have ever felt a pull or if you have rolled over badly on your ankle then this will help you to pinpoint the type of injury you have. You also need to think about what tissues were under this kind of stress, such as if it was a muscle, ligament or even a bone. If you know that there is immediate swelling then you should know that this is usually caused by internal bleeding. 

This means that you have to get the problem checked out as soon as possible. If the inflammation occurred over several hours then this could be that your natural bodily function has been disturbed and that you need to try and take steps to alleviate any pressure by keeping the injured body part higher. If you have a back injury then your best option would be for you to book in with a professional chiropractic Vernon Hills practitioner.

Using Ice

Using ice when you are recovering is quite contested. It won’t have much of an impact on improving the general speed of your recovery and it won’t help with your outcome either. Prioritising things such as protection, compression and of course, the elevation would be more important here, so keep that in mind. Early movement will help you to ensure that your blood supply is good enough to the area as this will help you to promote healing. If you have a very painful injury then this may mean that you end up spending much longer in rehab, so don’t push it too much. Acute pain can easily be relieved through ice or cold. It is advised that you try and take ibuprofen to stop the swelling though. Believe it or not, swelling is needed for your body to heal to the best of its ability.


Your body is very impressive and a lot of injuries have the ability to heal themselves. You have to remember  though that healing is a fragile thing and that when you have had your injury, you have to spend a few days trying to allow the healing to begin. Loading up your injured body part will increase tissue strength. So try and carry out some free range of movement workouts. This could include straightening your body, bending or even rotating the limb if possible. This will help you to rocket the potential of your recovery so keep that in mind if you can. It’ll help you more than you realise.

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