Beyond Brows – 5 Cosmetic Tattoo Styles You Can Get

Photo: Cheda Stankovic/Pexels

There are only so many perfect brows you can see on Instagram before you start obsessively searching for “cosmetic tattooing near me”. However, it’s worth knowing that your brows are just one of many features a talented cosmetic tattoo artist can help you perfect. From semi-permanent foundation to custom-made freckles, here are five of the most interesting cosmetic tattoos you can get. 

1. Flawless foundation

Also known as a BB covered treatment, this cosmetic tattoo style is a game-changer for people who want to look put-together but who hate spending time on their beauty routine. It’s kind of like applying BB cream with a microneedling pen. However, it’s important to note that cosmetic tattoo artists use specialized pigments for semi-permanent foundation, so this is not something anyone should attempt at home. Get your BB covered treatment done in a professional salon, however, and you can look forward to a smooth and flawless-looking complexion for around four months. 

2. Lip blushing

If you’re setting yourself up with flawless foundation, it makes sense to add permanent lipstick to the look. Not only does lip blushing give your lips beautiful color, but it can also be used to perfect the shape and create the illusion of volume – no filler needed! Considering all the potential problems that can arise from facial filler, it makes sense to try the cosmetic tattoo route first. You won’t have to worry about filler migration, lumps, or overinflation. 

3. Hairline tattoos

If your hair is thinning a little and you want to make it look fuller, your cosmetic tattoo artist may be able to help with that. This kind of tattoo works best if you’re just looking to reshape your hairline or add a bit of fullness to an area that’s only thinning a little bit. Please keep in mind that it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor first if your hair has started thinning. 

4. Stretch mark cover-up

Many women choose to embrace their “tiger stripes”, especially if they earned them during pregnancy. However, if you find it personally more body-positive to cover over your stretch marks, that’s just as empowering a stance. A cosmetic tattoo artist won’t be able to eliminate your stretch marks, but they can tattoo pigments carefully matched to your skin tone to blend the marks in, creating a flawless finish. 

5. Fake freckles

Everyone who was picked on as a kid for having freckles is now throwing their hands up in confusion as people all over the world rush out to have freckles tattooed on their faces. It seems that as freckled people embraced the beauty of their unique look, they were so convincing that they inspired non-freckled folk to copy the look. If you think freckles are adorable, you can join in on the fun by contacting a talented cosmetic tattoo artist in your town. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to control how the freckles fade, so you may be committing yourself to a lot of maintenance. Incidentally, this is why most reputable cosmetic tattoo artists avoid tattooing blush – if it fades unevenly, it can leave you with splotchy, red skin that doesn’t look cute. 

With so many options available, there’s never been a better time to get the look you want. Just be sure to find a reputable tattoo artist and take the time to plan out what you want. 

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