Interview with multi-talented Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius

Interview with multi-talented Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius

We are sharing our recent interview with multi-talented Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius.

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Indegenius : Greetings. I am Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius. Executive producer, Reggae Artist and Comedian from Washington DC USA. I am pleased to be with you and if I get no other message through to you today I want to tell you to start a business for yourself right now to change your outlook on the world. Once you look at the world as an owner you will begin to solve the problems that are facing us as global citizens.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Indegenius : Actually, I remember being a child and riding in the back of my father’s car on the way to school and the song “I like it” by De’barge was playing. I remember singing along with the song just as we were being dropped off for school and being so surprised at my father’s positive reaction to my singing. But it didn’t really mean that there was significant support for the profession of being a musician in my household while I was growing up. Quite the contrary, my family did not believe that that would be a sustainable living. So it actually took me many years of going in and out of colleges and trying so many different things before recognizing that music was what I should be doing. So that really sums it up for me to say to you that going after your dream and starting a business right now is a much better idea than trying to fit in in a strange unsuitable position in society. So get started.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your recent project ?
Indegenius : Thank you for asking. My most recent project is actually a EP collection of about six songs. The main song “Break Out” is my call to my listeners to break out of their shell and let go of employee mentality and start a business now. I truly know that by the masses reemerging into the business owner classes is the only way that we will stop colonialism from destroying the world.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
Indegenius : So far everyone who hears my music in general is generally taken by it. Of course my burden lies in my independence. As an indie artist and someone who controls their own destiny as well as budget, it has been necessary for me to master, not only the creation of media, but also the promotion of media. So through this building of a music business that I have done I have been able to produce systematic frameworks for my listeners to be able to duplicate my success in their businesses.

Pro Media Mag : What attracts you more, Working in studios or performing on stage?
Indegenius : As for performance or studio performance, I think they both have their place. Live performance is an incredibly personal and pleasing experience. On the other hand studio performance is what allows me to communicate with masses of people. So if it was a choice that I had to make, I would choose the studio but overall I would rather not do without either. The question is similar to whether I would rather have an idea or a budget. The reality is that while most people say they want a budget, without an idea the budget will either go unused or squandered. So ultimately the best thing to do is to have a systematic plan for your idea which allows you to capitalize on your budget. Such is the case for me when it comes to performance it’s really all or nothing.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being a music artist and producer?
Indegenius : The best part of being an artist and producer is that I can use my mind to say and express all of the things that I feel. Mental health is a real concern in our world and I’m very lucky to be one of the people that can express themselves rather than exploding themselves. This capability allows me not only to gather people around as well as help and assist other artists to express themselves so that they might gather their flock as well.

Pro Media Mag : Our readers would like to know more about Indegenius the comedian?
Indegenius : Whatever do you mean? Hasn’t this been the funniest interview you had yet? But in all seriousness I take comedy to allow us a vein of communication that otherwise would need a tourniquet. People are hurting in the world and my form of comedy gives them good anesthetic and a good rest by allowing them to laugh at things that their boss would otherwise stop them from laughing at.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Indegenius : Interesting that I’m answering your questions on the first day of the new year and I absolutely have goals in mind. I don’t tend to make resolutions though because those are some of the fastest things to forget. Instead I set my goals and intentions internally, I don’t release them into the world and I drive for them every day. This practice has allowed me to begin to achieve success using the internet spread my message and I encourage you to go to and hear my special message and get my music and instructions on how you can achieve your goals this year as well.
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