How Does Elevator Shoes Work?

How Does Elevator Shoes Work?

Elevator shoes for men give you the needed confidence you need to stand amid other men. They are also available in various styles and sizes and are invincible to the natural eyes such that everyone else doesn’t have to know what is happening.

An elevator shoe doesn’t only make you appear dignified and in charge of everything around you, it also gives you the needed confidence to go after whatever you want with the certainty that it will be yours. The types of elevator shoes include:

  • Dress Shoes: This is ideal for formal settings such as dinner, meetings and a date night with a lady friend of yours. It can be worn with suits to give you the dapper look that is needed to clinch a deal or make an impressive presentation.
  • Sneakers: Sometimes, you just want to take an evening stroll around your home or you want to take a weekend hike through the woods, you don’t have to look short while at it when with elevator sneakers you get to look tall and still do physical activities.
  • Casual Wear: Elevator shoes are also made as casual wears such as boots that are ideal for tasking physical work. Just as the name appears, they are ideal for casual strolls or just a time out with friends and family. Whatever it is, you can still look good while at it.

But what makes an elevator shoe what it is? What makes it all come together? The answer will be found below:

  • Hidden Increaser: Wearing elevator shoes can be quiet tasking. Not only do you feel weird in them because it’s new and not what you are used to; some are uncomfortable, tight and hard, the worst part is that some are visible for all to see thereby defeating the purpose of the shoe. However, with hidden insoles (leather insole in particular), it absorbs the impact of walking, running, jogging or just standing while at the same time keeping your feet comfortable and well-cushioned. This is not all insole does, it also gives you extra height and can be detached anytime you wish.
  • Mid-Insoles: Mid-insole has two specific functions. One is that it protects the leather material of your shoes from deteriorating. It also ensures that the shoe is well aerated thereby preventing the shoes from smelling and having an odor due to accumulated sweat.
  • Outer Sole: This is the last level of sole. The outer sole gives your feet a general level of comfort and also protects the natural instep of your feet. There are some elevators shoes which have a natural rubber heel, this rubber heel can be replaced easily with regular heels depending on your preference.

If these three elements are well made, then you are sure that your elevator shoe will offer comfort, style, and elegance. So, if you wish to have the upper edge in a society that is highly competitive, then an elevator shoe is the way to go.

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