6 Beauty New Year Resolutions to Make in 2020

New Year’s resolutions are often about punishing yourself, whether it’s trips to the gym or restrictive diets, so for 2020, why not make a change and make some beauty-themed resolutions that’ll pamper you and help you feel fabulous? Here are some things you can do for yourself that’ll get you through the tough first few months of the year.


  • Drink more water


OK, so it’s not the most exciting of resolutions, but getting enough water each day will help you avoid headaches, give you more energy, and make your skin look healthier and glowing. It’s free and easily available, so why not use this important beauty resource? If remembering to drink water is too much of a chore, consider buying a smart water bottle which will keep track of how much you’ve drunk so far, as well as sending reminders to your smartphone when you need to hydrate.


  • Get more sleep


Again, getting more sleep is not exactly an exciting prospect, but it’s cheaper and easier than buying lots of creams and make-up to try and cover dark circles. If you have trouble sleeping, make 2020 the year when you crack this problem. Long baths, pillow sprays and herbal teas can all help, but if you have a serious sleep issue, see a doctor.


  • Remove those dated tattoos


Tattoos aren’t likely to be completely unfashionable any time soon, but some of the tats from early 00s are looking a little embarrassing. Free up some skin space by looking for laser tattoo removal services in your area. Many tattoos can now be removed in a few sessions, leaving you to enjoy your unmarked skin, or find a new design to fill it. If you’re regretting an ex’s name or a tribal design, now’s a good time to get it gone.


  • Learn a new hair or makeup style


While you may have your go-to look that is easy to do every morning, it’s worth trying new things when it comes to hair and makeup, otherwise, you risk waking up one morning and realizing your look is completely dated. Pixies and bobs will be big hair trends for 2020, and if you get a good cut, they don’t need much styling. Clueless about makeup? YouTube is full of tutorials for complete beginners to experts, so there’s no excuse not to try something new.


  • Remove your makeup at night


Even if you’re too tired for anything else, you should remove your makeup at the end of the day. Cleansing properly will remove all the toxins from your skin, giving you a glow the next day.


  • Use an SPF daily


Even if you don’t use many skincare products or dislike makeup, it’s worth wearing an SPF day to day. An SPF protects your skin from dangerous UV rays which age you and put you at risk of skin cancer. You can find creams, foundations and more with SPF properties, which mean it’s easy to remember to put them on every day.

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