Inspirational & Artistic Jewelry Designs by ‘Talon And The Suneaters’

Inspirational & Artistic Jewelry Designs by ‘Talon And The Suneaters’

If you don’t love art, you are dead from inside. As far I am concerned, art lives inside me. Love to wear anything artistic particularly if art is used in some way completely unorthodox  or out of box. One such instance I have found in Talon and the Suneaters couture jewelry store. All there jewelry designs are extra ordinary and true piece of art. And why not, they are designed on the inspiration from original paintings by Leah Smithson.

If you will look into the paintings of Leah Smithson you will know how deep the art dwells in the work of the artist. And when the jewelry will be designed inspired by such art, then you can imagine how artistic and graceful look it will get. There ideas taken from the art had been converted into plenty of different jewelry designs by talon and the suneaters. The couture jewelry by them is available in the form of necklaces, earrings, chocker, handpin etc. Particularly there are variety of necklaces and earrings available on the store.

talon and thesuneaters
Falling Leaves Ear Cuff
I really loved this Hand Pin

It’s always inspirational to wear such jewelry. So when I came across this store first, I instantly decided to buy ‘Falling leaf ear Cuff’ (The one is the first picture). These are so neatly designed and the color combination used is amazing. I am stunned at the quality of jewelry that’s handmade. Fine Porcelain has been used in its making. And there are so many more such designs available on Talon and the Suneaters  jewelry store. I am sure you will end up ordering one for yourself.

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