Multi-talented Alex Kinter is impressing with his directorial skills

Multi-talented Alex Kinter is impressing with his directorial skills

alex-kinterWord multi-talented can’t do justice with the kind of talent and skill Alex Kinter has. LA & Dallas based director, producer, filmmaker, cinematographer and a successful entrepreneur is known for perfection in his work.

Having interest in arts and sports since his early childhood he studied Art Direction & Photography to convert his dreams into reality. He was definitely born with talent and studies further polished his skills. After Completing his education in 2012, Alex entered the mainstream entertainment industry. He started his career in photography & cinematography and gradually moved into directing music videos, commercial production, marketing, music production and entrepreneurship.

After proper qualification and natural talent the only thing lacking was practical experience of work itself. So he started working along side entertainment host, Paul Salfen. They worked on several shows together such as The Drew Pearson Show, Sports Plus, and Inside Entertainment. The Drew Pearson Show on aired on Fox Sports had pure ingredients of a sports show and proved to be a success just like his other sports and entertainment based projects.


So once he got the required experience he never looked back. His speed on road to success further increased once he founded his entertainment production company Solarity Studios. Kinter has filmed and photographed a wide range of celebrities including Will Ferrel, Taryn Manning, Salma Hayek, Sir Richard Brandson, Antonio Banderas, Dirk Nowitzki. With various projects and clientele bases in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and New York City, Alex  has taken lead in commercials, industrial’s, for local, national and international brands.

Success of  Solarity Studios proved that apart from a skilled director and cinematographer Alex is also a genius entrepreneur. Being founder and CEO of Solarity Studios he has taken his production company to its height and made it an established entertainment production company within no time. Its largely due to his hard work and dedication that he has  received a notable reputation as a commercial director. He has worked with brands such as AT&T, Dallas Cowboys, Hublot, Pernot Ricard, Marriott Courtyard, Sonic, MTV, Viacom, and Mercedes Benz. Solarity Studios specializes in music videos, commercial production, corporate videos,  cinematography, motion graphics, photography, digital marketing and more related to media creation and promotion.

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Recently he has been involved in many direction and cinematography projects including commercials, short films and music videos. He is producing short films under the banner of his recently founded ‘ Solarity Motion Pictures’. Short film Alone at the Pool starring Anne Beyer is his most recent project . He is also directing music videos for his clients and film comrades in shorts and web-series,  most recently in David Lee’s music video – Bringing Hippie back. Direction of a Dallas Cowboys commercial is also one of his recent notable venture.

The way Alex Kinter is moving along he will surely enjoy further success in the industry particularly in the field of commercials, original content production and film. And why not he got talent, qualification, experience and Solarity Studios on his back.

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