I Love This Beauty and The Beast Belle Yellow Cosplay Dress

I Love This Beauty and The Beast Belle Yellow Cosplay Dress

The night I saw Emma Watson (Belle) wearing Yellow costume in the movie Beauty and The Beast, I had decided I need this dress at any cost. I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually make this costume for selling. During my search although I found some similar costumes but I was looking for exactly the same one.So I kept on searching and finally came across a dress that looked the same on FastCosplay. I really felt myself lucky to find such nice quality Belle Cosplay Dress.

belle costume

I wasn’t 100% sure about the quality of the dress until I actually saw it in my hands. A big waoo came out of my mouth. That was fabulous ! I bought it to wear on my college party. And as expected I was able to impress all my friends with this costume on the eve of college party. So all that made me share my experience with my readers here.

Overall this costume is neatly made. Fabric is fine, made of Satin and Polyester. And they got almost all the sizes (I ordered the medium size you can order as per your size). They also got an option of ordering custom sized costume. Means you can order them and they can dispatch the one for you as per your measurements. Apart from high quality material, stitching is done very neatly as well.

yellow dress beauty and the beast

Almost forgot to mention the dress is currently on sale and you can buy this dress in just $89.99. That makes it even more attractive and eye-catching deal. And they don’t take too many days to ship you as well. Their support and service is good as well (Its not only me, their hundreds of other customers are of the same view). So I am sure you will have a good experience buying yourself this glamorous Emma Watson Belle Cosplay Costume

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