Graduating from college soon? Tell ‘em Kiss my B.A.

Graduating from college soon? Tell ‘em Kiss my B.A.

Kiss my B.A.: the humorous dairy of “adulting”

Kiss my B.A. is a whimsical dairy-styled memoir that chronicles the year-long grind of a “fresh-out of college 2016 millennial graduate” on the hunt for a job—any job.  Armed with two Bachelor of Arts degrees from a prestigious university, the graduate pounds the virtual pavement of the internet daily for a year in search of work.  Warning: Kiss my B.A. is not for the faint of heart, and features nearly 100 real-life employer rejection letters.

kiss my ba

In the age of electronic applications, video-conferencing, and multiple interviews for a single job, the concept of “adulting,” transitioning from student to adult is not nearly as seamless as perceived.  J.C. Davis spotlights the difficulties of taking that giant leap.

The chronicled rejection letters provide the reader a real up close and personal inside look at job hunting for a recent college graduate. “What some employers fail to realize is that earning a Bachelor’s degree is a rigorous, daunting, full-time job that requires students to work more than 40 hours per week, and often times, to work over-time as a team on group projects, just like employees; however, to many employers the time spent working to attain the degree seems insignificant—the Bachelor’s degree seems obsolete.

Several employers expect applicants to have at least five to ten years paid work experience in conjunction with a Bachelor’s degree.  Entry-level jobs are now requiring paid work experience in multiple fields, and paid work experience using various skillsets. Due to these requirements, many recent graduates with great potential, but who have no paid work experience, are overlooked. Research indicates up to 71% of recent graduates end up jobless, underemployed, and living at home the first year, earning a survival wage—just over broke,” chimes Davis.

Kiss my B.A. highlights the impossible job market, the tedious and prolonged process of completing multiple pages of applications, providing references, cover letters, and undergoing an informal quasi-profiling, using personality questionnaires, only for the applicant to receive a generic, impersonal, computer-generated “Dear Doe” rejection form letter from “the company”—yes, really.

Kiss my B.A. is a call to action for employers, human resource managers, and business owners to revise their hiring processes to accommodate fresh out of college graduates. This book is also a call to action for recent college graduates to roll up their sleeves, whip out a resume, and oh yeah, hurry home to reclaim their rooms before it is repurposed into a weight room, or den! They are going to need a place to crash, at least for the first year after college!

With officially 286 pages and approximately 8,460 words, Kiss My B.A. book is now available on Amazon:

Stay tuned for Kiss my B.A. products coming early May, 2017.


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About the Author

J.C. Davis is a recent, 2016, college graduate from North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics.

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