How to Tone Your Arms Without a Gym Membership

Joining a gym can help you to stay motivated and meet your fitness goals, but this method also has a downside. First, gym memberships cost money. Second, you have to leave your house in order to exercise at a gym. Third, working out in a gym can be highly distracting. If you want a plan that will help to tone your biceps and triceps, try the Mike Rashid arm workout. This routine is guaranteed to get you the results you’re after, but you need to follow the directions carefully. So, if toned arms are on your summer check-list, here are some helpful tips.

Turn to Protein

People don’t need as many carbohydrates as they think. Yes, carbs are crucial for high energy activities like running a marathon, but chances are that you aren’t running 27 miles a day. Fat is also necessary for feeding your brain and protecting your organs. On the other hand, excess fat is probably what’s preventing your muscles from being defined. If you greatly increase your protein intake, your body will have no choice but develop more muscle mass.

Get the Rest of Your Body In Shape

If you want to be able to show off your arms this summer, you are going to need to work hard. Eating lean and working out harder will most certainly get your arms looking right. In the interim, the rest of your body is going to get more toned up. Getting fit overall might just be a side effect of your dedicated arm workout routine, but consider the fact that you can really lose weight in one targeted place. As you naturally tone up the muscles in your arms, you’re also going to reduce fat. The added benefits of getting more muscular arms include a flatter stomach, stronger legs and a more defined back.

Weights Are the Key

To get those arms looking right, you have to add weight lifting to your routine. Use canned goods, put books in shopping bags, fill up burlap sacks with sand – it doesn’t matter where the weight comes from, but you have to lift heavy and consistently. Remember, doing fewer reps with heavier weights will help you to attain better muscle definition than doing dozens of lower intensity repetitions. Give your body at least a day or two to recover from intensive weightlifting sessions and continue to eat lean to really get your arms looking more developed.

None of the instructions listed above include working out in a gym. To eat better, you just need to have willpower when you visit the grocery store and go out to eat at restaurants. You can run, jog, or walk and get your cardio in by doing laps around the neighborhood or just invest in a treadmill. Lastly, weightlifting only involves weight, so get a bench and start lifting heavy, or even use your body as a tool. Pull ups, push ups, and other exercises using your full body weight will help to get those arms looking trim, muscular, and leaner than ever.


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