Start saving money on your rides with Personal Carpool App

Start saving money on your rides with Personal Carpool App

I have been using uber  from last few years.Even though it’s very useful but there are a few drawbacks or you can say some aspects that needs attention. Even tried a couple of other rides related apps but the similar issues are there as well. What kind of issues? Fee deduction for driver means losing plenty of profit. If we have to ride alone the fare seems too much. What if we could share our ride with someone? Yes there is an option of carpool. But so many people are reluctant to corporal with a stranger. And then the corporal fee and such stuff.

So what’s the best solution? I was pondering upon that since last few month and luckily came across the solution. It’s an app called Personal Carpool.The Personal Carpool app is designed to carpool among Friends, Friends-of-Friends or all app users in the same geographic area.

So what kind of benefits you will be get from using this app? Actually this app is more useful then you can imagine. Apart from monetary benefits there are many more you will be getting.

    • Privacy : Your rides, schedule and any other information related to rides and fare would be kept private. Only the person you would add in your corporal community will know it.
    • Saving money : No more fee deduction from the drivers will save them money. While traveling with co sharing the ride will save you the money as well. And as it’s all settled between driver and rider that means a handsome amount of money you will be saving.
  • Flexible fare and payments :  As the fare will be based on mutual agreement between driver and rider so then can communicate and settle the per mileage charges. Apart from that the payment will be between driver and rider as well and there are plenty of payment options available apart from case such as Google Wallet, Apple Wallet.
  • Free to chose the ride partner : Who will be joining you for the ride completely depends on you. It can be anyone from your corporal friend list or anyone else using the app.
  • User Friendly and Easy to use : The app is very user friendly and easy to use. Got all the features you have been enjoying with other such apps like uber etc. It has rather more features then these apps that makes it a perfect choice for any driver or rider.

So it’s time to use the technology to save you time, money, efforts and making more friends in between the process. Just download this app and start saving money and enjoy the freedom it’s providing you.

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