How To Tell If Your Fur Coat Is In Need Of Repair

How To Tell If Your Fur Coat Is In Need Of Repair


Buying a fur coat is an expensive investment. This is why it is even more important to ensure that you protect the coat in a proper way so that it lasts longer. And to help you maintain it in top condition, we look at a few ways you can identify whether your coat is in need of repairs.

Rough On Touch

The quality of the fur is determined by how soft it is. High quality fur will feel silky smooth when you run your fingers over them. But if the fur begins to feel rough, then it is an indication that there is something wrong with the coat. Check the temperature and humidity levels of the room you are storing the coat and make sure that the fur is stored in ideal conditions only. Send the roughened coat to a furrier so that he can take adequate steps to keep it from being much more roughened.


Your fur must be protected from dampness. If you leave it in an enclosed space, then there is a risk of water developing on the fur. And as more time passes, the fur can break down. So, if you see that your coat has been wet for some time, it is a good idea to send it for repairs.


An attractive feature of fur coats are their natural colors, which makes them very mesmerizing. But this color can fade over time. And if you start noticing that the fur coat is beginning to lose color, then it is time that you give it for repair. Modern fur maintenance methodologies allow for the restoration of color without causing any damage to the quality of the coat itself.

Has Mold

Being a more natural material, fur can easily be a breeding ground for mold, if you do not store it in ideal conditions. And once it develops, the mold can easily make the coat useless. If only a small part of the coat is affected, then you can try to solve the issue by using mold removal materials available in your home. But if the mold problem is extensive, then you should ideally hand it over to a furrier who is more experienced in mold removal techniques.

Feels Sticky

Some people may apply moisturizer and other oils on the fur in a bid to maintain its quality. But if the use of such products become excessive, then it can stick onto the coat, attract dirt and other particles, which will eventually damage the coat.

So, if your fur coat is displaying any of the above characteristics, it is an indication that you must immediately send it to a professional who is an expert at fur coat repairs.  Leaving the coat as is will only speed up the deterioration.

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