How To Make A Beautiful Red Dress Work For You

How To Make A Beautiful Red Dress Work For You

Ladies love to wear red dresses, not so much for official jobs but for various social events. The red holiday dress is particularly great for sporting activities. It is also a good choice for weekend activities or partying.

  • For the classic woman

A fit and flare design offers an uptown silhouette. A red fit and flare is appropriate for various body figures because it accentuates the assets and hides unflattering body parts. For a petite body it gives a fuller bottom whole highlighting the waistline. For the hippy woman, it contours the curves elegantly to balance the figure.

  • The romantic silhouette

If you have a date, no dress would pull out a romantic silhouette than red dress with sleeves. Meeting with a special partner requires you to be more creative. The color itself is enough to keep his eyes locked on you. Consider applying red lipstick and black high heeled shoes.

  • The modern look

A touch of metallic takes your looks to a higher level. A cherry red gown with an embellished collar is very striking especially when matched with a golden accent. It couldn’t be better with party mode nail polish.

  • Skin tones

Red is the emblem of love. A red dress looks cool in warm skin tones because it makes the complexion brighter so that a woman shines even more. Even for cool skin tones, the red dress is still an amazing option.

  • Red and white

You can wear a red homecoming dress in many ways, for instance, by adding a red accessory. For any kind of personal taste, you can add this magnificent hue to your wardrobe to make a statement. One of the easiest ways to wear red is by combining it with another color. White and red is an understated chic appearance. If you don’t want to cloud your face with the red color, pull out a white top. But if you need to brighten up your complexion, make the top red and it will give the same sophistication in a different perspective.

  • Red and blue

This is a versatile combo. Instead of red stilettos, opt for great blue heels. To make it better, you can add a white top so that you shine in three colors which create a marine design.

  • Red and purple

This combination is peculiar but it shows a particular degree of sophistication.

  • Red and gold

The red dress becomes more interesting if a third color is incorporated. An accessory like a golden bracelet is a good option.

  • Red and black

Black matches with red as it offers a graphical look. You can add a black camisole on a plunging neckline red gown for elegance.

  • Red and brown

If you add animal print to this color combination, you attain a fresh and dynamic look. Once again, adding a third color creates a dynamic appearance. Enhance the silhouette with a white belt or clutch.

  • Red and yellow

This is a favorite look for many. Yellow and red is ultra-chic ad funky. It also shows a kind of modernity. Remember that red is not only good for solid colors but also for prints. Yellow and red patterns are magnificent.

  • Red and animal print

If you have a casual lunch, combine a red baby doll short dress with animal printed leggings.

  • Red, green, yellow, and green

This is more of a color splashing trend that takes into account the power of primary and secondary colors. It is a fresh, playful, and interesting combination. With all these fun colors, you stand out as a confident woman.


So many women get obsessed with red. It is an ideal color for attracting attention regardless of the occasion. Pull off the red haute look using the named tips. You can keep a red lace cocktail dress for evening parties, vacation, or athletic functions.

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