An Interview With TRAINER JOE On “Master Training”

An Interview With TRAINER JOE On “Master Training”

We are sharing here our recent interview with Trainer Joe. Trainer Joe is well known as a self help personality and is an expert on the human body’s reaction to exercise. Our conversation mainly focus on his training program “master personal training”.

Pro Media Mag : Our readers would like to know about start of your professional career.
TRAINER JOE : I started exercising regularly at the age of 13 when I walked into a gym filled with professional bodybuilders, power lifters and fitness competitors and never left. I became a trainer at 17, and had my first celebrity client by the age of 22. I started almost 22 years ago and it has been an amazing both as a Master Personal Trainer and a self Help Personality..

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to start Master Training?
TRAINER JOE : I truly love helping people and I know that there is no fitness strategy in the world that can overcome a poor mindset. I have been through many trials and wish to uplift everyone and anyone that I meet as a result, I am passionate about creating better people and ultimately a better world, heart to heart, person by person.

Pro Media Mag : What makes Master Training different from other training programs?
TRAINER JOE : It’s Half life coaching and half exercise science at it’s finest degree. Our approach is the reason why we are a celebrities best friend. Also, All of my staff goes through a vigorous educational program and life coaching seminars that I personally teach, I make sure my staff can handle anything and everything life can through at our clients.

Pro Media Mag : Is this program suitable for anyone? Or only a few lucky ones can go through?
TRAINER JOE : Anyone at any skill level can partake, as you would imagine it is not the easiest ask to get an appointment though, so if I was a potential client I would call ASAP even if only to get on the waiting list for a certain time slot or trainer.

Pro Media Mag : What are some of the biggest achievements in your career so far?
TRAINER JOE : Too much to mention but in relation to what your readers would want to hear. When I worked in the in the high end fashion and celebrity industry, one of the agents called me a Miracle Worker for work I did for his client, his client was given tremendous accolades on her phyical appearance. I have over come and done so many amazing thngs but what I personally feel most proud of in my carrer is the fact that I have helped thousands of people, and that is what this is all about, helping people!

Pro Media Mag : You are offering different training programs? Can you tell our readers briefly about them? So that it can be easy for them to select the one suitable for them?
TRAINER JOE : We do a lot of specialty training for various reasons but to simplify this, You have two general options to take either whether you are an in person client or an online client. One is Private Training where the clients privacy and anonymity are held in the highest regards, which is very popular for our Model, Athlete and Celebrity friends and the other is Semi Private sessions which is a small group (under 5) sharing an Hour with either myself or my staff. To be noted our trainers are skilled enough to delegate and keep track of 5 completely different clients with different skill sets in advanced exercise theory all at the same time. We are not talking about normal trainers we are the best of the best. Like I mention All of these options are available anywhere there is internet and space to move.

Pro Media Mag : What is the success rate? Everyone starting with you ends up achieving his/her goals?
TRAINER JOE : Simply put, for the last 22 years I have offered anyone who came to me 3 times per week their money back if they were not happy and it has not happened as of yet.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
TRAINER JOE : We are not a gym, we are a lifestyle. We are all about self betterment on all levels, you do not need equipment to workout with us online nor do you have to be an athlete to come to our facility. We are here to help everyone and anyone who wants to embark on a journey to evolve their mind, body and spirit.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to contact you? Are you active on social media as well?
TRAINER JOE : TRAINATJOES.COM has all the links but , , You can even text TRAINERJOE to 22828 to sign up for our very popular newsleter or you can follow this link and subscribe here

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