How Did Hello Kitty Become So Popular?

How Did Hello Kitty Become So Popular?

Hello Kitty is one of the most profitable and popular brands in pop culture. No longer just for kids; many women are massive fans of the Japanese iconic brand and buying everything from Hello Kitty handbags to fine jewelry. Let’s take a look at what makes Hello Kitty so insanely popular.

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Hello Kitty Is A Blank Canvas & Cute

Hello Kitty was designed without a mouth and is expressionless which means that we can project anything we want on her. She’s also extremely cute with her bow and chubby cheeks. For many women she also represents a part of their childhood and happy carefree times.

Collector’s Items Are A Hot Ticket

According to We Love Kitty, a popular Hello Kitty blog, Sanrio often releases new collector’s items which may be rare and hard to get ahold of. For example, some items such as the recent collaboration with Fauchon, a French international gourmet company, are extremely rare and only available overseas.U.S collectors often end up buying these items on Ebay and paying prices higher than the original cost. The brand also frequently collaborates with high end brands and designers such as Kimora Lee, who has designed a line of fine jewelry featuring Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty For The Home & Fashion

Due to its popularity, Hello Kitty designs can be found in all sorts of products from household goods such as microwaves, toaster ovens to car accessories and even fashion items like Hello Kitty handbags and purses. Some fans enjoy decking out their living spaces in Hello Kitty gear while others prefer to adding just a few key pieces to their lives.

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