Australian Actress Robyn Duse signs with U.S Manager as she reaches for   the stars in Hollywood!

Australian Actress Robyn Duse signs with U.S Manager as she reaches for the stars in Hollywood!

With fellow Australian actresses like Margot Robbie and many other Aussie actors in Hollywood having incredible success, the gates are always open for more. Robyn Duse certainly appears to be the next in line.

I don’t think it’s simply because of her beauty, I believe it’s the way she fully embodies the character she’s playing at the time. Her concentration is so well trained that the audience never suspects that she is not who she is portraying. And that might be one of her major achievements as an actress. She can BECOME the character right in front of your eyes. She has done it a million times – okay, maybe not a million, but it seems that way. She’s transformed herself magically into another being and becomes that persona that you are watching on the big screen.

Robyn DuseRobyn’s whole career has been about achievement. She has achieved a great deal in her young life. She has attended the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Meisner Technique with Anthony Montes, Bob Corff, Larry Moss, Andy Mcphee, Margie Haber in Hollywood as well as many others. However all the training and dedication has paid off because now, she’s one of America’s most liked Aussie actresses and her achievements and hard work make her worthy of that prestigious title.

Robyn is an Australian powerhouse to keep an eye on. She can play any character that she is given and her acting chops have taken her from performing on stage and TV commercials when she was five years old to acting in TV shows and feature films in Hollywood.

Robyn’s most recent trip to Hollywood allowed her to be seen by some of the best  casting directors in the industry from shows like Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, We’re the Millers, Bridesmaids and Wedding Crashers just to name a few. Many of these casting directors  are eagerly awaiting Robyn’s return which will be an exciting time for this powerhouse actress.

Robyn recently filmed an Australian/US web series that is rumored to be hitting TV screens which was an exciting project to work on where she portrayed the character Amy. The series is a drama about two couples Amy & Jim, (Amy played by Robyn) and Michael and Janis who are romantically involved and it reveals the layers of difficulties and complexities that arise in relationships.

‘I really enjoyed playing the role of Amy as it resonated somewhat to my life and all the complexities one has to deal with in relationships.’

This powerhouse actress has recently been informed that she has also been cast in an upcoming feature film, which will be filmed in Los Angeles in 2017, but being this is a top secret, she unfortunately cannot disclose anymore about the project.

Robyn states that she is collaborating with many well known industry actors and creators who mentor her and guide her to a higher level and she is blessed to have those amazing people in her life. She has quite a few upcoming feature films that she has recently been cast in and is very excited to shoot.

Robyn’s characters in the upcoming US/Australian feature film ‘What Comes Around Goes Around’ where she is playing a judge is an exciting new role for her to delve into. The film is about a newlywed couple that is having a wonderful time starting their lives together until a terrible tragedy occurs and ends it all.

Robyn’s character of ’Sapphire’ in the upcoming feature Film ‘Iniquitous’ is also a very different exciting role for her where she plays a prostitute. This film is a dramatic thriller when four people’s lives are destroyed when they each seek outside support in their personal lives.

Robyn is excited to bring natural nuances to these characters and is doing much needed research for both of these roles to ensure she brings truth to each of the roles. ‘I love the fact as actors we can delve deep into other peoples lives, live there for a little and then not have the consequences as it is about living in an imaginary circumstance, but bringing some of yourself to the role to ensure it is truthful.

Robyn has also been shortlisted for a lead role on an upcoming feature film (top secret) to be shot in the UK which she is eagerly awaiting and excited about. This powerhouse young actress is on the move, she is definitely making her mark in the industry and we can’t wait to see her on the big screen again.

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