How Amazon Marketing works?

Amazon marketing services aim to drive your sales by developing a perfect marketing strategy. This strategy is often referred to as Amazon marketing strategy developed by the amazon consultants. Amazon marketing strategy can help in making your product stand out from the other competitors. If you are thinking that this just another platform like google marketing or any other internet marketing platform, then you are absolutely wrong. Amazon marketing works in a different way. Amazon marketing services offer three different types of ads, that could be used for marketing your product. These three types of ads are:

  • Headline Search Ads
  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • Product Display Ads

The headline search ads are shownas abanner that is placed on the top of Amazon search engine page, where the shopper sees them as the first thing that is displayed on the search page. The headline search ads are completely driven by keyword, as a result, you can select the type of searches where your ads will be displayed. The Amazon marketing agency can definitely help you to place your ad on the correct searches. For example, a user types “8 GB memory card”, then your ad will definitely show up if it has the same set of keywords or even if some part of the keyword matches. So, even if the user typing “8 memory card”, the ad will still show up. These ads show up at the top row, on the right-hand side. The location for the display of the ad is key here, as it will quickly grab the attention of shopper who is searching for the specific product. The screen below demonstrates the same.

Amazon marketing services allow you to send the traffic from the Headline Search Ads to your preferred locations. This could be anything, right from the product brand landing page that has been created within the Amazon marketing services to the customized pages. Sometimes it can be diverted to custom URL.

Just like Headline Search Ads, even Sponsored Product Ads are driven by keywords. These ads can be targeted by the keywords. Amazon marketing services allow you to target their advertisements to the concerned searches that are closely based on the product information. With the help of targeting, ads will show up at multiple places. That includes the search results as well as the product pages. The sponsored Product ads, in general, appear on the right-hand side of the product search page, or sometimes it might also appear on the bottom of the page. It is shown under the column “Sponsored”. In Amazon marketing, the minimum CPC (Cost Per Click) is $0.05 for the sponsored Ads. In case the shopper clicks on the ad that has shown up through sponsored products Ad campaign, then it will directly go to the product page.

Product Display Ads has wider coverage than the other two categories. The Ads displayed through product display ads are displayed in many locations. As a result, one can find these ads on the side of the product details page or bottom of the product details page. It can also appear on the customer reviews page, offer listing page, or sometimes even on the third-party websites. If you are looking for cross-selling or up-selling, then product display Ads are best for your campaign. It can provide a definite competitive advantage over the competitors. As you might have already sensed that, Product Display Ads are not keyword based. It is based on the interest of the shopper and product targeting. With the help of product targeting once can choose a particular product page, where the ad will be displayed.In order to get maximum ROI it is advisable to take help of Amazon consulting experts

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