What is the safest of mole removal? What should you do if there is a red mark after mole removal?

Everyone has black moles of varying sizes. Some of them can affect people’s appearance. Some of them may be related to cancer. So the need of mole removal is very big. Now roadside stalls, beauty salons, hospital dermatology departments have “mole removal” business.
First of all, let’s see which moles need to be removed. From a scientific point of view, the cause of nevus is the rearrangement of pigments in the nevus. This benign product is also called cytoplasm and so on. Generally speaking, mole is harmless to the body as long as there is no lesion and deterioration. The mole removal is partly due to preventive excision to prevent the malignancy of the nevus, and partly to the removal of some of the pigmented nevus that interfere with appearance. Under normal circumstances, attention should be paid to nevus caused by repeated friction. For example, moles in the sole, palmar and perineal regions are more likely to have malignant transformation. In addition, other areas easily rubbed by clothing, such as the waist, neck moles, should also be noticed. And known as the “king of cancer” melanin occurs in the palm, plantar and other places, so the hand and foot parts of the pigmented nevus need to be treated with caution, early examination, if necessary, may consider its removal.
When washing face, bathing, shaving and hairdressing, it is necessary to be as gentle as possible for a knot located in a frictional position. Do not rub it hard to prevent it from scratching.

Beauty is the heart of all, and beauty gives confidence. As age increases, signs of old age will appear on the skin. In addition, some dark colored moles on the skin also lurk to the development of unfavorable factors. Now, the small recipe of mole removal introduced to you can achieve the effect of radical cure simple and easy, painless, economical, and short-term. For the treatment of skin surface properties, the effect is excellent without sequelae.
Materials: 1. prepare an egg, boil it thoroughly and cook it a bit older. Take out the yolk and crush it by hand (the finer the twist, the better); 2. Prepare 20 ml of vinegar (white vinegar will be discounted because of its low acidity). Method: After we put the twisted yolk into a small container, we should gradually add vinegar to it and stir it. It’s better to finish it in 2 – 3 times. The desired mixing effect is a paste, that is, a toothpick or something like that, after a dip can have a drop on it. Therapy: A drop of mixture on a small mole or mole. When it dries naturally (about half an hour) and falls off, order again. This will cause slight lesions on the surface of the skin. After 2-4 lesions, the skin becomes discolored and scarred, and after 2-3 days, the scars fall off, leaving a white mark that will soon return to the color of the surrounding skin after a short period of time.
For larger ones, nevus, and itch, it is necessary to do this kind of operation of Facial Mole Removal Pen in succession, especially for those deep in the skin.


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