Homecoming Dresses Are Now Becoming Shorter, But Elegant

Homecoming Dresses Are Now Becoming Shorter, But Elegant

Homecoming can be identified as the second largest event at any high school. Girls and boys plan for this event quite long time ahead. Obviously for girls choosing  homecoming dresses will be the hardest thing ever. When I was in high school, it was the semi-formal attire for both girls and boys. Since it was an outdoor event, all girls were much concerned about the type of homecoming dresses to make sure they don’t sweat after a couple of hours. Typical homecoming dresses are short but elegant and most of the time light in color.

Homecoming Dresses and Gold Dress | RnD International

One of the highlights at my high school homecoming was the gold dress. One class made their theme as gold, and everyone was wearing small gold jewelry but some a gold dress. I must say some gold dresses must have cost above USD 500. That was the event which made me realized gold dress with the mix of orange and yellow could make you look elegant, and it can be the perfect outfit for an outdoor event like homecoming parties.

Though the homecoming party is much less fun than prom, it allows you to get to know each other from other classes as well. For some students, homecoming dance is a lifelong memory and for some homecoming dance is just another fun event of school life.

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