Best Running Shoes for Recreational Running

Best Running Shoes for Recreational Running

Running provides countless benefits. From provided much-needed energy and boost in mood to helping us maintain our weight and good cardiovascular health, running recreationally helps many achieve decades of excellent quality of life. But like any sport, it is important to purchase the right gear. Part of running is selecting the best footwear like asics running shoes, for example. So how do you choose the best type of sneakers? It is actually quite easy

Cushion and Support 

It almost goes without saying that you need the best type of support for your feet. This means avoiding wearing flats and instead opting for high quality footwear. The best option for most runners will have good cushioning for the midsole and heel. Runners often risk injuries to knees, tendons, heels, and joints. Poor footwear will exacerbate the problem. For long distance runners, extra protection will hopefully prevent long term injury. For runners that have had previous injuries or suffer from other conditions like arthritis, a quick chat with your medical professional may be helpful. They can recommend brand names and give you advice on what types of terrain are best for your physical condition. Different types of shoes are better for different types of terrain. You can also discuss this with your trainer, coach, or doctor. Recreational running is an enjoyable sport. Be sure to choose a shoe that gives you adequate support. 

High Quality Footwear 

For many athletes, cost factors into decision-making when selecting a sneaker. And while it is important to keep an eye on your budget, your health is more important than saving a little bit of cash. Why? Choosing a cheap sneaker that lacks support or is made of poor materials can lead to long-term injuries. You might hurt your Achilles tendon or heel. The shoe most likely will not endure months of heavy wear. If you are running on the road or sidewalks, the lack of support can put additional strain on knees and joints, or cause shin splints.

Test Out the Brand

You can do a few simple tests before selecting a sneaker to determine if it is a good quality brand. For example, bend the shoe. If the running shoe bends too readily, then it is not a good quality material. Check for holes, cheap glue, or if there are any tears in the seams. If you are purchasing a sneaker online, read the reviews or take the time check out a physical pair in a store before purchasing. Another option is to ask a friend, coach, or trainer about what brands they recommended. Your medical professional may have some options that they prefer.


Finally, after you have selected a quality brand that provides good cushioning and support for your feet, be sure to purchase a shoe that you will wear. There is no point in wearing a shoe that you don’t feel good in. Whether you have a flashy style or prefer something more practical, choose a recreational running shoe that you are proud of wearing. Show a little bit of your unique personality with your sneakers.


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