Finally I found a good quality, smooth and easy to use Makeup Brush

Finally I found a good quality, smooth and easy to use Makeup Brush

You can’t have a good makeup without a good makeup brush. Being a fashion and beauty expert I am always very choosy when it comes to makeup brush, as I know if I would use some too hard or too soft brush or a brush with uncomfortable shape the result will be a disaster. Recently I came across a UK based beauty website ‘Jolie Beauty‘ and found some really cool design makeup brush there.

I focused on design as the first thing that attracted me before ordering the makeup brush was actually the design. It looks cool when you see something that’s so much different from the ordinary one. There are some diamond shape makeup brushes, Oval Makeup brushes and then the golf makeup brushes. It was tough to choose one as all the designs were attracted and perfectly styled. Finally I went for Oval Makeup Brush set. It was a 10 piece makeup brush and luckily it was on sale and I got it in only $32.99 .


Once I received the parcel I tested the brush material. Bristles were soft and gives a smooth and soft feeling when applying the makeup. Grip was the 2nd thing that impressed me. It was easy to grip that makes it comfortable to use. 10 pieces means I got the brush for each kind of makeup applying. And then the rose gold color brought a beautiful glow on my dressing table. So overall I had a perfect, smooth and nice experience with these makeup brushes. Quality wise these were excellent, better than so many I have been using since my high school days.

Price as I have already mentioned is reasonable and currently they are on big sale means you will get a master piece in the  price of an ordinary item. I have even used them on back stage makeups on my fashion show events, these were perfect, a way smoother then you can imagine. Smoothness and perfect grip makes it easy to use and saves your time. It’s been 2 month sine I have been using them but the brushes are still in good shape and even the rose gold color is just like new. Means they have used good material in their make.

I am feeling lucky to find them online. I am sure you will love these makeup brushes as well. Currently on big sale so grab the opportunity before the stock ends. You can order any makeup brush of your choice on Don’t forget to share your experiece with them on our social media.

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