Some Must Have Fashion Essentials For Girls

Some Must Have Fashion Essentials For Girls

To keep up with this rapidly changing fashion and style world you must keep yourself updated with the fashion trends. But you can’t buy everything in the market even if you can afford, still you can’t. But what you can do is to keep some fashion essential items in your wardrobe, the ones that will suit you any time or on any occasion.

Here are some of the must have fashion essential.

Black heals : It can be used with literally every dress you wear. Won’t get out of trend and will keep on trending even if you get bored on them.

Running shoes : When you are off duty, in the gym or on the walk you need them. They can be stylish, they can be simple it all depends on your liking. But what a you must have is a running shoes in your collection.

Comfortable Bra : A comfortable bra is a must have in any case. If you want me to define a comfortable bra, it’s the one that’s perfectly made for your size and shape. Don’t go for extra ordinary material you need it to be made of such material that you feel comfortable while wearing underneath any dress.

no-show underwear : You don’t know when you will need them, but definitely you need them underneath most of your dress and you should buy the ones that will leave you with no need of any thongs or anything like that.

Black Dress : It’s in from ages and it will stay in for coming years as well so you should have one in your wardrobe.

Apart from that their are some more fashion essentials you should have like good skirt, leather handbag, watch, jewelry, sunglasses etc. But I won’t elaborate more on this topic as you can have this topic covered in a better way with pictures on an already written blog. More info on fashion essentials for girls can be found on Lady Goldapple blog. The blog is run by Charissa Goldapple a 20 years old blogger. Basically she is a student but blogging is her passion and she covers life hacks, beauty, fashion and other lifestyle topics in her blog. And the best thing I found on her blog is perfectly taken pictures of her in each post. Really a colorful, informative and fashion oriented blog you must visit and read.

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