Fashion Tips for Looking Good this Winter

Fashion Tips for Looking Good this Winter

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Every year when summer dawns into fall, we can admit that we get really excited to overhaul our wardrobe. We love the easy and breezy fashion that comes with summer and warm weather but the cool autumn air just gives us so many clothing options. However, when fall turns to winter and multiple layers of clothing become necessary, we start to run out of cute cold weather outfits really quick. Great style even in the darkest days of winter is very possible. Here are a few tips and tricks from a top modelling agency to get you through the winter

Become a layering expert

The reason layering is always a trend in the winter is that it is obviously a practical way to dress when it is really cold. Don’t be afraid to put on the layers. Turtleneck under a sweater that is under a jacket that is under a coat, for example will definitely keep you hot in the inside. When it is very very cold outside, sometimes even the items in your closet that you always depend on cannot stop it. This is the time when you have to find creative ways to layer under your clothes that no one will notice.

Let your boots steal the show

Great winter style actually boils down to a great pair of boots. Show off those boots and pair them with a short dress or cuffed jeans. Use them as jumping off point to put together a great inventive outfit style rather than just throwing them on with anything you find in your closet.

Love the fur

There are not many redeeming components about living through that cold weather when you are fashion wise. But it is only during winter that you can wear fur. You can wear fur with just about anything to give your outfit an instant upgrade. Invest in a statement fur topper, throw on those fur vests or find cool fur accent pieces like fur collars or fur mittens to liven up your winter outfit

Invest in a great hat

Your first instinct in winter is to splurge an extravagant pair of boots or coat. But our modelling agency advices you to hunt a show-stopping hat of your dreams. You’re going to be in that hat for a good two months so it should be something that you love.

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