Fake Plugs – Flesh Plugs without stretched ear lobe piercing

Fake Plugs – Flesh Plugs without stretched ear lobe piercing

As most people know, a stretched ear lobe is highly trendy at the moment and, if you have one, there is a wide array of stunningly beautiful jewelry (in the form of plugs) that you can use. Unfortunately, this requires you to have your ear lobe stretched and if you don’t feel like having this done, the good news is that there are just as many fake plugs available to buy that will help you to fake a stretched ear lobe!

By simply browsing on reputable online stores such as Flesh Tunnel Shop., you will find a gorgeous selection of fake plugs. If you were wondering what materials are used to make fake plugs, well the good news is that you can find them in a vast range of materials such as wood, semi-precious jewelry, titanium, magnetic fake plugs, fake tapers and expanders and you can even build your own fake plug!


In terms of color, you can buy your fake plug in literally any color you wish! They come in all the colors of the rainbow (including, but of course not limited to, blue, green, pink, silver, purple, black, brown and much, much more). You can even buy stripy, multi-colored ones if you feel like it! If you are looking for something more adventurous, why not select a fake plug with an interesting picture or shape on it? You will definitely be able to find one with a unicorn, moustache, dog with sunglasses on, skull, owl, butterfly and an endless variety of fun pictures. If pictures are not your cup of tea, you should perhaps consider a fake plug with a short saying on it, such as “WTF” or even “Happy Halloween”. For the die hard football fans, you can even express your loyalty to your favorite team by wearing a fake plug with your team’s logo on it!

If you would like something really unique and a fake plug that no one else has, this is entirely possible, too! Simply build your very own fake plug! All you need to do is choose one of your favorite photos and have it made as the picture on your fake plug- how amazing is that? This kind of fake plug also makes an incredibly special gift for that significant other in your life.

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