‘Bullets 4 Peace’ Converts The Chaos Symbol Into A Stunning Jewelry

‘Bullets 4 Peace’ Converts The Chaos Symbol Into A Stunning Jewelry


Bullets has always been a controversial thing. A symbol of destruction and chaos. But recently Bullet 4 Peace has gone out of way and resembled it as symbol of peace in its jewelry line. Bringing in an element of attraction and comfort by giving it a stunning shape and design to be used in their jewelry line. This idea has been appreciated largely even by celebrities.


This jewelry line is designed by Rafi Anteby Israel based designer who was used to serve in the army. The main idea behind launching this jewelry line was to present the bullet as symbol of peace in his jewelry. It needed a big heart and intelligent mind to use a bullet, being a most controversial symbol and turning it into a fashion accessory resembling peace. He is able to get unprecedented support of many international celebrities, musicians and peers, creating a worldwide sensation.


Their is so much variety to choose from. Pure collection, engraved collection, silver collection, signature collection, couture collection all have different colors, styles and designs. Only thing common in all these is the bullet shape. Quality is exceptional and you won’t regret wearing it on your top events as well. Price is reasonable, majority of items priced below $100.


Another good reason to buy this unique jewelry is the large portion of their sales goes to charities and charitable works. And this charity is not limited to any single foundation. They have ‘EVERY BULLET HAS A TARGET‘ program that allows any charity to join their program and get the funding through the sales that occurs within a certain time.

So when the product is so stunning and based on a unique idea then you must order one for yourself or to gift to your loved one or friends. Not only you will have something attractive to wear but also you will participate in the charitable works of the Bullets 4 Peace. Don’t waste time act fast. Here is the link to bullet4peace website.

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