DiettoGo Coupon: How Diet-to-Go Works

DiettoGo Coupon: How Diet-to-Go Works

Diet to Go—another gimmick in the health and beauty industry? Think again, Diet to Go actually has worked for many people. With well-balanced meals all planned out for you the only thing you have to do is enjoy the food and lose the weight!

Chicken Burger and Italian Meatballs—two favorite Diettogo meals

There are four easy steps to follow with Diet to Go. With these four easy steps you will be able to achieve the success of the weight loss goals you have set. Let’s get started. But first, let me give you a coupon code for Diet-toGo.

Diet to Go Coupon

Once you select the meal plan that is right for you, before you checkout, enter this coupon code:


The price will drop by 15%. More coupons can be found at:

Now, let’s see the steps you will take to select your meal plan and receive it at your home.


Step 1

First, you will select the menu that you wish to obtain. There are three different options, Traditional, Vegetarian, and Low-Carb. All three of these meal menus are offered in either 1200 calories or 1600 calories. Depending on your activity level you will want to choose accordingly. If you are very active then you will probably need to consume the 1600-calorie meals throughout the day to obtain the right nutritional balance to keep you going. If you are less active and have busier “seated” business days than you will probably look to the 1200-calorie meals. This would also be helpful if you are not burning a ton of calories throughout your workday. The menu includes a variety of different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to keep your taste buds wanting more and more.

Step 2

From there you will pick how many meals you want a week. There are four different plans to choose from. There is a 5 day plan with 10 meals included (2 meals a day), another 5 day plan with 15 meals included (3 meals a day), 7 day meal plan (14 meals a day, and the final 7 day meal plan (21 meals a day). The 7 day meal plan with 21 meals included seems to be the most loved by their clients as well as the most bang for the buck! This is helpful for those individuals and families with limited time as well.

Step 3

With the fast and friendly FedEx and UPS delivery charge of $18.95 your meals will be at your front step in no time. There are also 5 easy locations to pick up from nationwide, Washington DC, Baltimore, Greater Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay, and Greater Los Angeles. With these friendly and convenient spots to pick up from you will be sure in knowing the freshness and quality of the food. Food prep is super easy with Diet to Go, just go to their website and order, from there you can either pick it up at one of their great locations or have them shipped straight to your front door.

Step 4

Finally, the most rewarding part of Diet-to-Go…your weight loss success. Take a peak at their Success Stories. With Diet-to-Go you could lose up to 2 pounds a week. Their meals are not only nutritious but also proportioned properly to help maintain a health lifestyle.  Good Luck! And get to eating in a healthier aspect!

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