Beard Stencil | Create The Perfect Beard Every Time

Beard Stencil | Create The Perfect Beard Every Time

Beard Stencil is a new and innovative men’s grooming product that takes the guesswork out of trimming your beard. Beard Stencil helps men create straight and perfectly positioned necklines every time they trim their beard.

Beard Stencil

The key to Beard Stencil’s success is in its patent pending design. Beard Stencil attaches to your face comfortably and helps guide your razor, exposing only the parts of your beard that you want to shave, ensuring that your lines stay smooth and clean. Along the bottom edge/ neckline, Beard Stencil features a hard edge to outline your desired neckline and also acts as a bumper for your razor.

Different from all of its competitors, Beard Stencil is the only hands-free beard shaping tool on the market. The act of shaving involves many precise motions – having full control over your hands is imperative. For that reason, Beard Stencil is designed to be totally hands-free.

Whether you rock an electric razor, a beard edger, or a manual blade, Beard Stencil will guide your trimmer of choice safely around your neck and result in straight and even lines, every single time.

You put a lot of time into growing and cultivating your beard. Don’t risk losing it. Use Beard Stencil.

To visit the Beard Stencil website, CLICK HERE.

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To watch a 5 minute informative video on how to use Beard Stencil, CLICK HERE.


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