Dermapen micro-needling treatment with Procapil™ for hairloss

Dermapen micro-needling treatment with Procapil™ for hairloss

A promising new hair treatment may help to regrow and thicken hair without surgery and drugs such as minoxidil.
Having to manage the side effects from minoxidil, a commonly use drug for hair loss can be a challenge. Clinical testing have proven that using Biotinyl-GHK or better known as Procapil™ offer no side effects while having better results as compared to minoxidil.

Derma Pen micro-needling therapy along with Procapil™ offer the ultimate solution for hair loss . In a clinical study, Procapil™ boost new hair growth by up to 120% along with reduction of hair loss by 58%. This breakthrough result is thanks to its DHT blocking mechanism that treats Alopecia commonly know as the baldness directly at the hair follicle level.

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