Fernnyy Fern Big Condo Model with an impact !

Fernnyy Fern Big Condo Model with an impact !

I hear you have recently signed to Big Condo Fashion and you are a partner, Hows that going?

I have indeed! And its going Fab!
Not giving too much away, but we have lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline, from a kiddies division, model workshops, etc, not mentioning our truly awesome fashion weekenders!
The end result is in the name! We plan to be the biggest and best Agency out there! And I cant wait to see what is in store for us! Having the chance to work more in the fashion industry and a chance to make this my main career, is all the motivation I need!
Im looking forward to all the opportunities and networking chances I will get being a model/partner with Big Condo!!

What do you do to practice the cat walk at home ?
In the famous words of coco Chanel – Everyday is a Fashion Show, & the world is your runway!
Whack on a pair of Chelsea boots and jazz up the pedestrian life! Lord Street is perfect (or any other long road ) kill two birds with one stone, your walk and getting from A to B hahaha
Also getting out that Full length mirror! And walking up and down my hallway, a million and one times, with my jazz music on full!
Also tidying my flat in heels! (Rarity though as i’m allergic to housework!)

Other than being a model do you have any other hobbies ?

Finding the best takeaways,
Dancing, Singing and musical theatre, A creative life, I live haha! I have Danced Since the age of 3 starting in Morris dancing, jazz and cheer, and then street dance, contemporary, ballet, tap, break, musical theatre and volunteer at funky monkeys in southport.

What designer inspires you ?

Im one of those weird models that doesn’t really follow the rules of fashion and, prefer to create my own trend!!
I do Love how quirky Vivienne Westwood and her designs are though! And Kurt Geiger’s entire shoe range are frigging fantastic!

Who is your favourite model in the game ?

Ive Always loved Cara Delevingne! She’s just Amazing and her return to the runway, closing for burberry beginning of the year, was flawless! She’s also a fab Actress …ENCHANTRESS please , she’s released a fair few songs too!

What was your fave catwalk you done ?

Not boasting my own steel drum, but I have to say the Big Condo ones! Not only walking for the fab designers we find! And the immense amount of fun we have whilst doing it! Actually organising the events, running them, sorting out hair and makeup ideas, and seeing how happy the designers are afterwards



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