Custom leather jackets from world-renowned leather company

Custom leather jackets from world-renowned leather company

Custom leather jackets from a world famous jacket company are now being sold directly to consumers.

Valeriano Romano Leather Company, based in Turkey, is one of the world’s premiere leather garment companies. Now the same leather that goes into the jackets worn by the world’s rich and famous is available direct to consumers everywhere.


“Nothing else wears like leather. Nothing else feels like leather. Nothing else has the timeless elegance of leather,” said Ömer Sağlam, owner of “Leather is the only clothing material in the world that ages with grace. Fading, scratches and other small marks just add a sense of deep character to a leather jacket.”

In fact, many people who get a leather jack will intentionally scruff it up some to give it a distressed look. That worn look is highly prized. Worn leathers are often a symbol of rebels, those who prefer to stand out and make their own way in the world.

“Leather jackets are synonymous with being an individual. James Dean wore leather and has inspired generations to don leather and seek their own way in a world that demands conformity,” Sağlam said.

Much like Dean, leather garments are part and parcel of the biker culture. Sağlam said bikers are the world’s last remaining “bad boys” who are admired across cultures and economies. He admitted that sometimes this admiration is done in secret because of the reputation some bikers have.

“Regardless, leather makes a bold fashion statement. It says you don’t care what the world thinks and you are ready to take on whatever it can dish out,” Sağlam said.

Even elegant evening wear leather jackets make a bold statement, he said.

Now this high-quality leather is being made into custom-fit jackets for the general public. Sağlam said his company has considered this kind of work for some time. Now is the time to act, he said.


“We have jackets you can order in our virtual showroom. Or, you can contact us. We’ll tell you how to get measured for a custom fit leather jacket. Then, you can pick the color, cut and accessories for your jacket,” he said. “If a leather jacket says ‘I am an individual’ then BE an individual. Have your jacket custom cut to fit you.”

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