Get Ready for Work with Monek

Get Ready for Work with Monek


How many times have you gone shopping for work clothes and come home with outfits that weren’t necessarily fashionable? If your answer to this question is that it happens more than not, then Monek is the perfect brand to explore. It seems as though work clothes are correlated with being uncomfortable, but Monek’s clothing offers comfort as well as durability. Monique Navarro created Monek after she was fed up with the lack of options for the workingwoman to wear to work. Monique decided to create a line filled with bold prints, preppy styles mixed with edgy cuts, and vibrant colors.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to change your wardrobe to get ready for the holiday seasons. Monek will be the perfect clothing line to make sure that your clothes will be professional and comfortable from the office to your next holiday party. Monek’s clothing is inspired by Mexico and the beautiful architecture and culture of the city. Most of the items are separates, which allows consumers to mix-and-match and experiment with different colors, styles, and cuts. It’s the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe for the holidays. Follow these tips below of ways you can dress up a Monek original piece.

Add A Blazer
Jackets are not just to keep you warm; they are important accouterments that complete a look. Monek’s jackets are edgy with bold colors and tuxedo-style lapels, like the Green Cross Blazer. The blazer has an asymmetric cut with no buttons and loose and crossed lapels. The inside features a black and white polka dot lining. The blazer is 100% polyester, which makes it so that it doesn’t wrinkle and is resistant to fluids. There are many separates you can pair this look with that are perfect for in and out of the office. Pair the Green Cross Blazer with a white tank and dark colored jeans. This is a casual look that can either be dressed up or down, dependent upon the shoes. To dress up this look pair it with high heels, and to dress it down pair with tennis shoes, Vans, or Keds.

Another way you can wear your Green Cross Blazer is to pair it with a solid colored, preferably black, dress. This look will go great in any environment, and the blazer will bring color to an overall dull outfit. This blazer is so versatile that every woman who purchases it will be able to dress it a million different ways. This blazer also comes with different colors and inside lining prints to make it easier for consumers to have options.

Monek’s clothes are perfect for the workingwoman who desires to feel comfortable and fashionable in her work wear. To find out more information about Monek and see all the different pieces please visit,

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