How an accompanied shopping trip with a personal stylist can save you money and bring your existing wardrobe to life

How an accompanied shopping trip with a personal stylist can save you money and bring your existing wardrobe to life

happy plus size women shopping
happy plus size women shopping

If I was to give you some money and tell you that you could spend it, would you spend it on the right things? A lot of the time the answer is no. Of course you can shop by yourself, but shopping with a personal stylist is so much better. After a shopping trip with a personal stylist, everything you have bought will have a place and a purpose in your life, making your wardrobe fresh and exciting. It can even save you money, because a personal stylist knows exactly where to find everything you need at the best prices, shortening your shopping trips too!

A great personal stylist will:

  • Look at the clothes you already own and make better use of them by suggesting new and fashionable ways to wear them;
  • Take into account your size and shape, choosing clothes that suit you and your body type for the best overall look;
  • Adapt to your busy lifestyle, even offering quick one hour lunchtime shopping trips for your convenience;
  • Give you great advice on where to spend more money, and where to save it;
  • Help you in creating your own personal style that is suited to your tastes;
  • Share with you the current trends, translating them into a look that is wearable for you;
  • Show you what accessories go with which outfit best;
  • Find gaps in your wardrobe and fill them to bring your style to life.

An image consultant will most certainly save you money. A lot of us impulse buy clothing, in a hurry and often in the wrong size! Personal stylists shop with purpose, choosing items for you that fit into your wardrobe and that you will love for years to come. With encouragement to try things outside of your comfort zone, you can bring a new and fresh energy to your everyday life.

Those mornings of standing in front of a messy wardrobe, not knowing what to wear and always choosing the same outfit, will be a thing of the past.

If you’re interested in hiring a personal stylist to spice up your wardrobe and save you those pennies, get in touch with me, Suzanne Baker through my website I am an image consultant based in the London area. I have always been passionate about fashion and I love to help my clients look and feel their best and encourage them to reach their full potential.

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