Creative Author Announces the Release of Her New Romance Novel

Creative Author Announces the Release of Her New Romance Novel

The forbidden fantasies deal with challenges of today’s relationships, and has plenty of entertainment

Raleigh, NC – Sensational author, Toyle, is proud to announce the launch of her latest novel, The Forbidden Fantasies. It’s the story of Alexis, an interior designer who finds out she is losing her relationship with Darren, due to his busy life. When Rafael steps in, she has to make a decision between the two. What makes the novel irresistible is not just the storyline, but the writer’s imagination and creativity. The Forbidden Fantasies is available on Kindle and paperback.

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“I’ve always loved to be a writer. From my early years, I’ve found books very interesting as I love to read fictions and other types of books. The Forbidden Fantasies is an idea I’ve had over the years, and I’m glad it’s finally out. My most desirable intent is to help my readers find answers to their family, relationship, and friendship issues so they can live a better life. However, the novel is also very entertaining so you’re going to enjoy every bit of it,” said Toyle, the author of The Forbidden Fantasies.

The Forbidden Fantasies is a novel that discusses some of the biggest relationship challenges today. It centers on Alexis, an interior designer, who is in a romantic relationship with Darren, the love of her life. Trouble starts when Darren’s job gets more demanding and he’s almost never around anymore. A new partner, Rafael Monterro, is able to connect with Alexis so that her buried emotions is ignited. Now, Alexis has to make a decision between her new found romance and a relationship that looks like it’s going to fail.

Readers will enjoy Toyle’s unique approach to storytelling and her views on modern relationships. Every chapter continues to unfold the plot that progresses the intrigue and compels the readers to continue to the next. The entire novel expresses the author’s creativity and her desire to tell stories of value without leaving out good entertainment.

“Forbidden Fantasies was a fantastic book. I could not stop reading. I finished the book in a days’ time. I just wanted to know more. The book kept me intrigued. There was not a boring moment in the book. Each chapter seemed to capture you. Alexis is a character. Although, my favorite character was Rafael. I just loved reading about him. I loved the twist at the end,” said Aaliyah H, a fan.

About Toyle

Toyle is a very creative and imaginative author based in Raleigh, North Carolina. From a young age, she has had interest in books, especially fiction. Toyle’s desire is to use her romance novels to address everyday issues in friendships, relationships, and families. For more information, please contact 919-607-3653,, or visit

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