Fashion: How to Showcase Your Curves

There is so much pressure to conform to the unobtainable and unhealthy size 0 that is promoted in the media, but real life means real women, and if you have curves, you may feel excluded from the fashion conversation. However, this needn’t be the case. Women have curves: fact. So, let’s celebrate them!

Love yourself

Many curvy women spend time worrying about hiding their curves, but sometimes this means that they inadvertently choose unflattering, shapeless clothes to hide it.  While wearing baggy clothes may be a practical solution, they do nothing to boost your self-esteem.

Hire a tailor

Wearing clothes that fit well is the difference between looking drab and looking fab. It can be an inexpensive solution to updating your clothes so that they fit you properly. Your clothes should be proportioned to your body, and even a simple adjustment can make a great impact. There is no need for you to wear baggy or ill-fitting clothes through choice, and a tailor will make light work of turning an ok outfit into a terrific one.

Invest in good quality undergarments

When you have curves and an ample bust, you need to invest in quality undergarments. There are several reasons why you should:

  1. Good quality undergarments make every woman feel amazing, no matter what their size.
  2. Poor quality undergarments can create bumps and lumps where previously there weren’t any.
  3. A good quality bra will help to support and distribute most of the weight of your chest across your back. Therefore, you reduce the risk of backaches and pains.
  4. Your undergarments are the foundation of every outfit.

Some women swear by shapewear to enhance the look of their clothes, and it is down to personal preference. Before you make a purchase make sure that you are comfortable wearing it and that it will fit under your bra. The shapewear should benefit your overall look and not draw attention to key areas.

Invest in a wrap dress

Wrap dresses are so flattering for a curvy body shape and can easily be styled to achieve different looks. Wear your wrap dress with ballet flats, killer heels, and yes, you can get wide calf over the knee boots to style your dress for any occasion.

A wrap dress helps to create a curvy silhouette, and if you add or lose a few pounds, the dress adapts effortlessly to suit. If you are not wowed by the wrap dress, other styles that suit curves are typically semi-fitted that follow your curves and highlight your waistline.

  • Choose fabrics that drape well
  • Choose dresses with lower necklines
  • For a slimming effect, show some skin; choose either cleavage or legs, never both!

You are blessed with curves, so why hide them? Choose well-fitting clothes to showcase your curves and of course, your innate style. The clothes that you wear should make you feel confident, capable and help to boost your self-esteem. When you feel confident, it will shine through.

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