Creating a Personal Brand: How to Dress for Success

Creating a Personal Brand: How to Dress for Success

Your style is your personal brand. It is the image you project to the world, as your taste, clothing choices and body language will reflect whether you are a success. If you want to prove to people you are different, you must subconsciously send a message. Find out how to dress for success.

Pick Neutral Color

Wear a neutral color to prove you take your career seriously. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a splash of vibrancy every now and then, your wardrobe should predominantly feature neutral shades, which will provide versatility. If black is not your style, opt for grey, navy or brown.

Invest in Accessories

There are some products that are worth investing in if you want to dress for success, such as shoes, jackets, and handbags. Each of these items will complete your style, so create a high-end look that makes people take notice when you walk into a room. Invest in expensive sunglasses for summer, treat yourself to a designer bag, and don a beautiful jacket that will catch people’s eye. People will know you’re someone to watch out for the moment you step into a room.

Buy a Professional Vehicle

You might look the part, but your car could be letting you down. Pulling up to a meeting or interview in a rundown vehicle will negatively impact your image. Prove you have made a successful career in your industry by investing in a sleek, reliable and professional vehicle. Unsure where to find such a car? Visit reputable VW dealers Scotland to find the best vehicle at the best price.

Change with the Seasons

While you do not need to throw away all your clothes once winter ends and spring arrives, you should try to change your clothes with the seasons. Wearing last year’s looks might prove you don’t have the budget to change your style, so try to invest in affordable pieces with a high-end design, so you can continually elevate your look and demand respect.

Embrace Your Go-To Clothing Items

Many people often feel under pressure to dress differently for an important meeting. Yet, the clothing you wear can determine both your confidence and delivery. It might, therefore, be wise to wear presentable clothing you feel both powerful and confident in, so you can turn up as your best self.

Think About Your Body Language

Of course, your style will only take you so far. You must also monitor your body language if you want to appear to be a confident individual. Avoid hunching your back or crossing your arms. Sit upright with your shoulders back and chin raised. Your posture will make you more approachable, and it will also help make you look more professional – as opposed to slouching. Plus, with a good posture, you’ll improve your physical appearance, reducing the risk of developing a hunchback, and can help with breathing.

Do you believe clothing can transform a person’s confidence and image? Have you got a killer business look? Share your opinions by writing a comment below.

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