Choosing A Good Makeup Remover Cloth

Choosing A Good Makeup Remover Cloth

As my readers know I love to try and test new products. Particularly those related to beauty and makeup. And always share my experience with my readers here honestly so that they can use or avoid these products. Today I will be sharing my experience with a new makeup removing cloth. In today’s commercial and materialist era makeup is an essential for ladies of all ages. And surely one needs a makeup remover to clean up there makeup before going to bed.

There are different kind of Cleanser, towels, makeup remover cloths in the market. I usually avoid cleansers as they mostly have chemical ingredients and effects the skins. I always go for natural methods. For that I used to buy Makeup eraser cloth from Sephora at $20 per 2 cloth set. But it was costly for me so I was in search of something similar or better and within my budget. And finally I got one at amazon , 2 makeup remover cloth set available at $11.99. Means A clear savings of $8 so I order a set to test whether it was worth using for makeup removing.

Pair of Makeup Remover Cloth I bought at Amazon
Pair of Makeup Remover Cloth I bought at Amazon at $11.99

After using it for a couple of weeks it was a very satisfying experience. Rather it was much better then the sephora that I had been using. This classic simple makeup remover cloth is surely all natural method for removing makeup. Your can remove your makeup in just minutes. Don’t need to use any cleanser for makeup removing. Simply wet the cloth with water, gently wipe the face in circular motions and all your makeup is removed. Its all natural so makeup is removed naturally without chemical effect and leaving your face instantly feeling fresh and clean.

And the best thing I liked about this makeup remover cloth is it is washable and reusable. Means you can use it hundreds of times (Using the first pair I bought a couple of months ago) Just rinse it out after use and let air dry. And its better to wash it properly for proper cleaning once a week.

Overall my experience with these Classic Simple Good Makeup Remover cloth has been exceptional. Would highly recommend to my readers to buy and use for makeup removing.

Oh forgot to mention I bought it from here on amazon at $11.99


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