It’s great when you see boundless energy in an actor. It makes you want to jump in and be an actor too. Of course, if you’re like Leigh Smith, The Australian actor who never stops working, you have to put a lot of work into getting to where he is and making it look so easy. He’s currently keeping quite busy and keeping between the United States and Australia as he continues to hone his craft at the famous Groundlings School in Los Angeles. He also studied at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Hollywood where so many other famous and highly trained actors sharpened their skills and acting chops.
Leigh Smith can play any part. He can make you laugh or bring tears to your eyes, depending on the character he’s portraying. He’s also a host and presenter and has been featured on the Australian show Media Strikes Back and was the host of Make Your Mark, a children’s talent showcase in Los Angeles.

Leigh has been featured in many commercials such as the Kmart Wishing Tree Campaign in Australia, High street Armadale and Canon XIY, to name a few. He’s been interested in performing since he was a kid but really got bitten when he worked for the Walt Disney Company for over a year. Working side by side with beautiful Princesses, Ducks, Mice, Chipmunks, Dwarves who mine diamonds and other precious stones; along with Toy Story characters and kind Monsters who are big, blue and furry will do it every time.

Leigh has also won a lot of well-earned awards for his talents. In Los Angeles he competed against hundreds of other actors and was a finalist for Actor of the Year as well as winning the coveted role of Master of Ceremonies for the event. Leigh works with casting directors, managers and agents in Australia and the U.S. and when he isn’t in a film or on the stage he’s the General Manager of New Faces Talent Academy in Australia. He’s also working on a show called Misguided, which allows him to show off his comedic brilliance and improvisational skills. It airs in Brisbane, Melbourne and in New Zealand. He’s also working on two very hush-hush TV pilots but we can’t tell you anything about them because Leigh isn’t telling us anything about them. This actor will never run out of energy.

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