Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist

Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist

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Everything will get hectic in making your wedding day the perfect one ! Choosing a makeup artist can be easy if you know what to look for. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to make your search easier.

1)  Where do I begin to look? Bridal shows are conducted at large banquet halls and convention centers and run primarily from Sept to April. They offer well known and respected beauty professionals under one roof. Top selling bridal magazines and newspaper features can also be a good source of listings. If have you attended a wedding lately and really liked the makeup, phone the newlywed and see who did hers.

2)  How should I look? This depends on you and your personality but in most cases the bride comes across as being very natural on the wedding day. This will ensure the photos are never outdated. A good makeup artist will ensure everyone in the party co-ordinated with the wedding scheme and keeps you the one who is being noticed. At the consultation she will determine whether you are warm or cool toned so the right colors will be applied against your skin as the wrong ones can cause shadows. Then she will work with you showing you colors and applying them in the intensity you desire to achieve the look you want for your wedding day. After the consultation a digital picture should be taken to show you what you would like as well as a record of the look. She should be filling some sort of color charts and supplying you with a copy in case you wish to order products from her. ***Make sure when you sign the contract that the makeup artist who did this consultation is actually the one coming on the wedding day!!!!

3)  What are the rates and booking incentives? Bridal makeup will vary from $25.00 to as high as $200 per person depending on experience level of makeup artist and location. Discounts may apply as groups get larger. Free lipsticks to brides may also be included in a makeover price. You will be charged more for in home service verses going to the salon or professionals studio . Receipts should be obtained for all deposits which are normally non-refundable . Tips are acceptable and should be offered for a job well done but not something you are obligated to.

4)  What time should I be ready and how long will it take? Your photographer will arrive 2 21/2 hours before your wedding . You should be finished 15 minutes before he arrives. An experienced makeup artist will take no more than 15-20 minutes per person allowing a 20 minute period for delays of flowers arriving etc.

5)  What qualifications should I be looking for? Since brides are booking videographers, and are having photos done in many different color shades you need someone who is experienced both and has verifiable credits in some sort of video or television productions and with portrait/bridal photography. The camera will add 10-20 pounds. It will also show every flaw so it is vital that the facial contouring and foundation coverage is perfect as well as the application. Those looking at it face to face will not see these flaws whereas the camera will show all of them, The makeup should compliment you and look natural against your skin. After any consultation takes your own pictures even bring a camcorder. Once satisfied with the look sign the contract and return it.

Grooms can also benefit from makeup on the wedding day. Make sure its a makeup artist who is accustom to working with men. By following these guidelines you should be able to book your makeup professional with having to worry about any unwanted surprises. You can visit for more such informative articles on makeup tips and makeup artists.

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