The Glamorous and Multi-talented Sarah Josephine Bosch

The Glamorous and Multi-talented Sarah Josephine Bosch

Sarah Josephine Bosch

Sarah Josephine Bosch, the Swiss/German-born actress, has performed in quite a few plays and movies, and she possesses a rare and pure talent. We caught a glimpse of her acting skills in the short film “Je ne regrette rien”, in which she showcased an emotionally disturbed killer. Thanks to her natural aptitude she was able to reveal the character’s soul by showing true emotions on the screen. In “Sarah”, she played the role of a frightened young woman, who got chased by a vampire, and she captures with ease the attention of the audience. She also delivered a great performance in the role of Tracy in the Julio Paulino directed film “Tracy and Paco”.

In the musical theatre reproduction “Aida”, Sarah was one of the most prominent actresses you have ever seen on stage. Her timing and poise, coupled with her command of the stage and her full immersion into the lead character absolutely made the play. She did the same in the theatre production “This Could Be Heaven”, in Germany. Yes, she does get around and speaks multiple languages. Her English is beautiful, by the way, just like her German and French. Her role of the character “Distance” was brilliantly played, and the audience believed every entertaining minute of her performance.

Besides movies and stage plays, Sarah also graces the modeling world with her beautiful appearance. She collaborated with celebrity photographer Dominique Zahnd already, on a few projects. One of them, called “Daydreaming” was shown at the biggest Swiss Photography Exhibition “Photo 14” in Zurich. Sarah’s pictures were viewed by thousands of visitors. The main picture of their collaboration was published in the world-famous newspaper “NZZ”.

Sarah Josephine has been in the industry for some time and before then, also, while she was studying at the New York Film Academy, she sang professionally. She is an artist who looks to have a long, non-stop career.

Sarah acted in plenty of short films, one of which, “Wrong Train”, was invited to numerous international film festivals. Speaking of international renown, Sarah starred in the recently released music video “What A Night” for famed singer Kat Deluna in 2016. She also starred in various commercials for big brands such as Western Union or Camel. The Camel commercial was released and aired in Japan 2015.

Movies, however, are Sarah’s biggest love, and right now she’s writing and co-producing a short film, which is based on a real-life story. It is in pre-production and its storyline reveals the dark side of the film industry based on real-life experience.

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