Isn’t it interesting how people can just sort of stumble onto a career path that actually turns out to be their destiny? Take Gustavo Sanchez, for instance. He graduated with a degree in marketing from the prestigious Universidad del Valle de Mexico in Guadalajara, Mexico several years ago and is now an established actor in both the United States and Mexico. How did that happen? Good question.

During his last year in college, Gus was offered an internship at TVAzteca. He went in to the TV studios looking to intern in the marketing department but to his surprise and apparent good fortune, they placed him in the entertainment department working on the actual production crew on a variety show.  He liked that just fine because somehow it fit his artistic temperament perfectly. He stuck around long enough for a producer of the show to suggest that he audition to be the show’s host. Does this kind of magical stuff really happen in real life? It happened to Gus.

Well, Gus didn’t get the hosting job but his luck didn’t end there. He started acting in commercials and participating in different segments of that show until he was hired as host of his own morning show. He worked at TVAzteca for over two years and then went on to host an entertainment news show at a different network, Televisa Guadalajara. By then Gus was only interested in acting for a career and he packed his bags, moved to Los Angeles and attended the New York Film Academy where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. Since then he has been working steadily in American and Hispanic productions and establishing himself as the actor who can play any role whether it’s in Spanish or English.

Gus is a very busy actor these days and he has worked with some very talented people including, Celine Tricart, who won a Creative Arts Award, Genie Award winner Michael Zelniker, Zak Efron and Director Louis Fantasia. He’s come a long way from his early life in Guadalajara, that beautiful and historic city in Mexico that’s known for its colonial plazas and buildings along with its famous cathedral with the golden spires. Gus has seen his destiny as an actor and has grabbed it with both hands and is running with it. There’s no stopping him now.

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