Buy It Now: Best Leather Fashion Backpacks

Buy It Now: Best Leather Fashion Backpacks

Forget boring totes, clutches, satchels and other non comfy stuff.

Bessie Hide bags

Snap the backpacks before they’re gone ! We see celebrities wearing these amazing leather backpacks like Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift and so on. But. There is no reason to pay at least 500$ to have a good quality leather backpack? Sure – NO!

Expensiveness means nothing. Remember: there are three types of leather: genuine, top grain and full grain leather. In the current market the main brands are selling genuine or top grain leather, but it’s not the best quality and lifetime and it is for sure shorter then full grain leather.

Last chance for you to catch the most and fastest growing brand – Bessie Hide – it represents best quality, fashion and reasonable price. That’s not all, the most amazing is that every single one of our backpacks is unique and limited edition. Why? Because it’s made by using skilled in house artisans, not by factory.


These handmade backpacks is love, creativity and uniqueness. That makes every single piece is one-of-a-kind.

Keep in mind. The man made is not for all. It is for You..If you deserved it.

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