Top Models Who are Also Role Models

Top Models Who are Also Role Models

Models are adored and fawned over my most people. However, for some they are seen as irresponsible in the image they portray. The modeling world is unfortunately known for making idealized images of beauty and bodies that often initiate insecurities and unattainable goals for young women. It’s an industry that is incorporated with racism and attitudes of disregard that can physically and emotionally hurt those who are engaged in it. Luckily, there are a good number of models fighting to make a difference. As faces of fashion and beauty, models hold a position that allows them to influence large audiences. Some models use the attention they get for the greater good.

Here are some models who have tried to make the world better with their fame.

Barbie Ferreira-Leomie Anderson-Karlie Kloss

Barbie Ferreira
Barbie is the latest star model for Aerie’s ads. She is an supporter for body positivity. She is known to have struggled a lot with her body image so she wanted to help other people not to be ashamed about themselves. She is fighting for the right of all people of all body types so they can be able to do all types of modelling. At 19 years old, she dreams of becoming an actress but until then she is continuing to fight a more different representation of models on-screen and in front of the cameras.

Leomie Anderson
When she was faced with a makeup artist that was without the necessary equipment to suit her skin tone, Leomie burst out on Twitter about the hardships of being a black model. She also had to deal with hairdressers who didn’t know how to style her hair and had to bring her own makeup kit to fashion shows. Leomie launched the “Black Model Survival Kit” to raise awareness of the discrimination that happen behind world class fashion shows. She also gives advice for boosting self-confidence on her website.

Karlie Kloss
Karlie is a 23-year old Victoria’s Secret model that dropped her opinion in favor of getting a college degree. She started her classes at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study in NYU. She also ventured outside the modelling world in 2012 when she partnered with chef Christina Tosi of Milk Bar to create Karlie’s Kookies that benefited FEED and aspiring designers through CFDA. She is also taking coding classes at Flatiron School in New York. She also started a scholarship program for young girls called “#KodewithKarlie”.

These model’s actual on-paper jobs may be to simply model clothes and cosmetics for a modelling agency but that doesn’t stop them from going beyond to be voices for the good. These empowered women are more than just pretty faces. Their words and deeds show that they are the role models to watch on and off the camera.

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