Bez Knows Talent!

Bez Knows Talent!

We are sharing our recent interview with a talented music promoter Bez.

Pro Media Mag: How would you introduce yourself in one line?
Bez: Hey I’m Bez witiststh Bezknowstalent and 1/2 of Eleven33 Group marketing and promotions specialists.

Pro Media Mag: What brought your into music?
Bez: I came into music by accident, I was an intern back in 2008 at the UMG building in NYC getting coffee and bringing donuts to work for the uppers, running errands and assistant to the assistant.

Pro Media Mag: Tell us about your recent projects?
Bez: I Am currently working with a dope pop star by the name of Lindita, also working with a country trap artist by the name of hosier, and a rapper by the name of luxury, in which are all working on there individual music at this point of time.

Pro Media Mag: When did you join Universal Music Group. How is your experience working with the company so far?
Bez: I joined UMG in 2011, in 2016 I got distribution through UMG, and experience has been great.

Pro Media Mag: Can you name some of the artists you have worked with?
Bez: I have worked with Young Greatness, Karlie Redd, Young Dro, Mykko Montana, Snootie Wild, Mishon, and Natasha Mosley, etc.

Pro Media Mag: Tell about your music marketing company Eleven33 group.
Bez: Eleven33 Group is a marketing company opened up by me and my business partner push. We opened this company to help independent artists gain access just like the mainstream artists to major platforms at a reasonable price.

Pro Media Mag: Do you sing or write music as well? Or you only work with other artists?
Bez: I put plays together and music I no records I feel as though I have a good eye for talent hunt that’s why I’m Bezknowstalent 😂

Pro Media Mag: Lyrics, vocals, composition or production, what’s the most important ingredient in music creation? Can you put them in the most important order?
Bez: Production, Lyrics, then vocals, production makes your head move, gives you that vibe, lyrics gives you that story, vocals gives you that texture, those are the ingredients to making a masterpiece.

Pro Media Mag: If anyone wants to stay in touch with you, what’s the best way?
Bez: My website and Instagram @bezknowstakent

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